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When your office decides to design your new website with Fireside, you can trust our web project process. We’ll assemble a team with a project manager, web designer, and developer to work with your office throughout the project. Our collaborative team will work together to make your website the best possible resource for your constituents. From the preliminary design phases to launch, we’ve got you covered.


The process begins with design. Our team members will help establish a cohesive, big-picture concept that the team can refer to through the process. Now’s the time to consider the whys and hows for what you’d like your site to accomplish. Constituents navigate to a member’s page for a number of reasons, all of which should be addressed clearly on your site. Some focus points of past web designs have included:

  • custom newsroom pages
  • easy-to-use constituent services
  • custom logo projects
  • issue pages highlighting policy work

Our team will ensure all of the necessary features are easily accessible for engagement with your constituents. You’ll work with a veteran web designer, who’ll guide you through decisions to ensure your website’s success. The team’s project manager will coordinate your efforts and keep all parties on the same page.


After the design is set, it’s time to configure the site’s navigation and features. The web developer takes charge in this stage of the process. You can trust in our expertise, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. During the web development process, we build-in certain functionalities for your site, so your website has the ease of use that your constituents have come to expect from our tech-saturated world.  These features include:

  • an intuitive navigation flow
  • automated social media feeds
  • photo galleries

When the developer finishes programming, your website will have the robust structure needed to begin migrating and creating website content!

Forms/Content Migration

After the foundations are built, it’s time to start populating your site with content! Either migrate components of your previous website or create entirely new messages. How much you keep is up to you, but we’ll be ready to answer any content questions you have along the way.

Next, we’ll link your site’s constituent forms. If you’re a Fireside CRM customer, information received through these forms will populate seamlessly in Fireside’s CRM. If you use another CRM, you needn’t worry; our website will always be compatible with your office’s other softwares.

Launch Day

When launch day arrives, you’ll be equipped to make the most of your new site. After the House reassigns the DNS, your constituents can begin interacting with your new platform immediately.

Interested in learning more about our past web projects? Check out our portfolio! If you like what you see, get a quote!