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Helping you build stronger relationships with your constituency

We built Fireside to eliminate manual work

You’ll no longer need to track down the right points of contact, manually update spreadsheets, or sift through sticky notes with reminders. Integrated data makes it easy to segment and target audiences, and automation limits the amount of time needed for executing communications, giving you much-needed hours back to focus on the most important parts of your job.


Automate inbound mail organization with filters that prioritize personalized messages. Use templates to cut down on response time and maintain consistency when addressing repeated concerns. Fireside downloads emails directly from your web form and retains copies of all correspondence under constituents’ profiles in our CRM.


Get to know your electorate thanks to comprehensive constituent records in Fireside’s Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM). Each profile includes accurate demographic and contact information as well as a complete list of all emails, calls, and cases related to the constituent. Data automatically syncs across the entire Fireside platform, ensuring profiles are always up-to-date.


Share your message in the most effective ways by leveraging constituent data to make your communications more relevant to recipients. Access constituent contact information, and gain insight into valuable data points on home ownership, education level, family status, employment type, and more.

Newsletters, surveys, & mailing tools

Build trust with constituents by communicating consistently, not reactively. Fireside has the drag-and-drop functionality of leading newsletter tools and is integrated with our contact database for simple targeting and retargeting. This means you can easily segment audiences to send tailored and proactive messaging.


Keep track of all conversation threads. We know firsthand that serving constituents often requires the help of many people. Fireside centralizes all related communications and provides tools for organizing, tracking, and collaborating on casework.

Virtual town halls

Become a familiar face to your constituents and build rapport. Our virtual events platform allows you to reach your electorate by landline, mobile phone, or video streaming. We have one of the best track records out there when it comes to helping you reach and engage your constituents.

Exclusive to Fireside Federal


Access transcripts of all your member’s speeches directly in Fireside within 60 minutes. Cross-reference comments made with comments prepared, and identify remarks worth spotlighting in newsletters and press releases. Transcript search functionality allows you to quickly find mentions of specific topics.

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Tour Scheduling

Efficiently process and schedule constituent tours of the White House or the Capitol. Our integration with TourTrackr makes it easy to reserve spots, communicate the reservation details to attendees, and keep a record of tours booked.

"Fireside staff answers every question I have with a deep knowledge of the system, understanding of Congressional processes, and compassion for the daily time crunch and stress Capitol Hill staffers face. Thanks to the ease of Fireside’s technology — from newsletter formatting to letter batching — my office is able to provide our constituents with consistent, quality updates on the events and issues that matter to them."

Legislative AssistantMichigan Delegation

"Fireside was an incredibly easy software to pick up. Coming from another office on Capitol Hill that used another CRM, I was worried about learning a new piece of constituent software. However, the transition was seamless and there was barely a learning curve due to the simplicity and support that Fireside provides."

Legislative AssistantCalifornia Delegation

"Our office switched to Fireside about twelve months into our first term, and we have been very pleased with their products and service. The Fireside team can assist you in setting up your mail and 499 programs. They help make the whole process a breeze."

Legislative AssistantNorth Carolina Delegation

"There’s a lot more to casework than just contacting a congressional liaison; often there’s more than one agency involved. Being able to use Fireside to keep a list of these different people you’re working with and see it all at a glance is really helpful. We have everything in one place: our notes, all the files associated with the case record, and emails connected to the case."

Deputy District DirectorNorth Carolina Delegation

Client Testimonials

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