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Member-specific websites make up the vast majority of our web work, but they aren’t all we do. Issue-specific landing pages and projects for committees and caucuses are integral for clear communication between Congress and constituents. These issues, committees, and caucuses need their own web real estate, so that the missions or messages they display are effectively communicated.

Landing Pages

If you have a major issue that needs more space than a traditional website offers, try using a landing page. Because a landing page functions like a mini-webpage, it has the space to organize information into categories and subcategories without the complications of a new web address.  Many offices use landing pages for major issues like Covid-19, so their constituents can have a centralized place to receive information. The logical separation of information simplifies the update process, while also preventing your website’s homepage from being overwhelmed by a particular issue.


Committees benefit from their own sites due to the breadth of information they cover. To prevent homepage clutter, Fireside’s websites display central topics on the home page with menu navigation to subcommittees and smaller issues. These sites let the committee establish a notable web presence apart from their individual members and address their issues in their own space.


Caucuses require a little less space than committee pages because they address a narrower set of issues. A landing page gives a caucus a sufficient amount of space to address the important things, while still maintaining the clear navigation that’s so important to constituents and personalization that sets a caucus apart from other congressional sites.

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