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Every day at the office, you log into Fireside, do your work, and then log out. But did you know that Fireside is more than just a constituent relationship management company? Unlike other players in the market, we have a unique background. As former Hill staffers ourselves, we strive to make your office more effective, so you can make an impact for your constituents.

Logging mail can feel incredibly repetitive — and sometimes overwhelming — but it’s always inspiring to see how many constituents write to their members of Congress, whether for help with specific situations or because of how deeply they care about this country.  When I see so many people reaching out to engage with our clients, it makes me want to help that much more.

When you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, it’s easy to get into a routine. However, that routine may include unnecessary steps — and that’s unnecessary work for you. As a client success specialist, my role is to make your crazy, hectic job as simple as possible.

One of my duties as a CSS is strategy coaching. My goal is to empower you to build strong constituent relationships through Fireside’s CRM tools. Whether I’m training office staff in logging correspondence or developing a strategy to help clients respond to mail more quickly, the most rewarding part of my job is how appreciative people are when I help them.

Every Monday morning at Fireside, we meet to catch up after the weekend and discuss what we’re working on. Learning about all the hard work our team is doing on a variety of complex projects makes me proud to work here. Every project has our company’s one common goal at its core: to help our clients do their jobs efficiently. It’s exciting to see initiatives such as our machine learning project evolve, knowing that the tools we’re developing will give our clients an opportunity to better connect with their constituents.

Part of our mission at Fireside is to reach further.

Internally, this means going above and beyond for our customers every day, but it also means helping our clients reach further to build stronger relationships with their constituents. Simply put, we reach further so you can too.