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When people want to contact their member of Congress, obtain assistance, or learn more about their representation in Washington, the member’s website is often the first place they go. If your website is outdated or hard to navigate, it may be tricky for constituents to find what they need. A redesign can give your site a more modern look and better help those you serve. Here are five reasons a redesign could help your office.

1. A well-designed website points to answers.

Updating to a well-designed, well-organized website will help constituents find what they’re looking for more easily. For example, if they want to know their representative’s views on a particular issue, they’ll be able to find their answers on the Issues page. If you link your social media accounts, your feeds will auto-populate right on your homepage, and constituents will be able to see what their representative is working on daily. Numerous small improvements like these will enable your constituents to quickly find what they’re searching for.

2. Your constituents will see you’re representing them.

Showcase your district by putting videos and pictures of your community right on your homepage. You can also customize your website to reflect your region and your constituents by adding touches that say something about your district. Who wants an outdated-looking site that could belong to any member of Congress? By redesigning your website, you’ll show your constituents that you are genuinely representing your district while emphasizing the factors that make you different from others.

3. Constituents appreciate easy access to services.

On an old website, the constituent services section may be hard to find. This is frustrating for people seeking assistance. With a redesign, you can highlight constituent services right on your homepage, so constituents will be able to get help quickly, without having to hunt!

4. You can build your subscriber list through prominent opt-ins.

Many of our clients want to increase their subscriber numbers. With a redesign, you can add a pop-up to your homepage that asks people to provide their email addresses to opt in to your newsletters. Sign-up is easy for constituents and helps them stay updated on what your boss is doing in Washington.

5. Painting a clear picture of your goals inspires support.

As we prepare to redesign your website, we’ll ask you to share the goals of your office. Then, we’ll work with you to find the best way to reflect those objectives online. When constituents visit your site, they’ll be able to see what their representative cares about most.

A website redesign will help your office stand out and give your constituents a better understanding of what’s important to their member of Congress. Read more about the process here! Interested in a new look? Email us to learn more!