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At Fireside, we do things a little differently. You may have heard that we’re more than just a constituent relationship management provider for Capitol Hill because of our company culture and our innovative endeavors. We always put our users first — to make your life easier. As a former legislative correspondent, I know the trials that staffers on the Hill endure to fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities. We want to make sure you can focus on legislative priorities and building relationships with the people you represent. How do we do this? Here are four ways.

We research your needs to build our system for you.

From the launch of our CRM to today, we’ve developed every feature with your help. Our developers work endlessly to improve the system based on your feedback. Beyond that, we research the most innovative solutions for Capitol Hill, including machine learning, to help you build sentiment and discover the beliefs of those in your district.

We partner with technology industry leaders such as PoliScribe — a company that drafts form letters to sound like your boss.

We’ve partnered with PoliScribe to bring you a product that eliminates one of the biggest time eaters for legislative correspondents: drafting letters for every bill and issue. PoliScribe’s natural language generator produces correspondence that sounds exactly like your boss, allowing you to focus on your other tasks.

Our system enables you to build and keep relationships, not just log mail.

Whether you’re trying to build your subscriber list or you’re looking to micro-target constituents for 499s, our system simplifies the daunting task of tracking information and using it for outreach. Fireside’s integrated audience tool offers a real-time visualization of your district, so you can streamline how you target your constituents and obtain sample data points for them.

We’re always here to help you — even on the weekends.

Have you ever had an emergency that required prompt attention from your CRM provider? Our team is always on call to help you with any situation that might arise. We check our help desk inbox all weekend, so you’re safe to send your newsletters whenever! During the week, our Instant Chat makes it easy to get quick answers to questions when you think of them.

Not in Fireside. Our reports show you everything you need to know for active and inactive staffers. You can search, see, track, and find anything. Go ahead and give us a challenge, like an accidentally closed piece of mail. Our development team can track it down with limited information.

We’re working hard to help you work smarter. At Fireside, we’re continually looking for new ways to make your life easier. Learn more or request a demo today.