The Fireside Five

Fireside is a fully integrated software solution that accomplishes more for Capitol Hill.

Our solutions eliminate the need to switch between multiple platforms for CRM, Newsletters and Website. As former staffers, Fireside’s Account Team understands the needs of Hill offices. We offer support and strategic advice for constituent engagement efforts.
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    Fireside’s CRM platform was designed by and for congressional staffers to help you accomplish and automate routine tasks in fewer clicks than ever before, giving you back time to focus on other priorities.

    • Our platform’s simple design allows for fast personnel training, while our responsive support team is available to guide you through any questions.
    • Declutter your inbox and reduce unique emails by automatically sorting out bulk mailings from campaigns and advocacy groups per customizable guidelines.
    • Find constituents faster with instant contact search, which returns results instantaneously while you type in name, address, email, or phone number.
    • Build better target lists by tagging contacts with legislation, issues, organizations, and affiliations—all of which can be used to filter through correspondence later.
    • Simplify the way your office processes casework using templates that automate responses to common inquiries like product academy appointments, flag requests, and tour requests.
    • Automatically synchronize contact information and data collected from web forms and telephone town hall events with Fireside CRM.
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    We understand offices need a modern and well-designed web platform that allows for simplistic content updates. With our web platform’s content manager, you can publish news, press releases, and multimedia in a matter of seconds, as well as import content automatically from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

    • Fireside’s web developers have won more Congressional Management Foundation Gold Mouse Awards for design than any other vendor to the Hill.
    • With equal focus on desktops and mobile devices, constituents will get the best website experience imaginable, no matter how they engage with you.
    • Whether it’s a staff member keeping content current or a constituent searching for products, Fireside always puts the user experience first.
    • No downloads or installation required — our secure and reliable web-based software can be accessed anywhere you have the internet.
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    Fireside21 brings you a fresh, modern outreach platform that will streamline your day-to-day communication efforts with your constituents. With these tools, you will spend less time building and arranging your newsletter and more time focused on optimizing your message.

    • Streamline the way you view newsletter and survey results, retarget constituents, see telephone town hall events, and create communications goals with our new communications dashboard.
    • Observe when peak viewership occurs on your newsletter and how it correlates with traffic on your website. Plus, you can set follower goals for social media!
    • Our platform automatically adjusts photos to fit your template size, with sizing options appearing in a drop-down menu.
    • Preview both an online and mobile version of your tested newsletter on the platform -- no more testing between devices. 
    • Drag and drop sections into your newsletter without any adjustment to the HTML code.
    • Add text, images, image captions, and image groups with the drag of a mouse.

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    Fireside Live takes the stress out of telephone town halls by providing fast dialing capacity, an on-site support specialist, and the freedom to reschedule calls last minute without a cancellation fee.

    • Automatically integrate the contact information and messages of constituents who participated in the call directly into your Fireside CRM platform, saving you time and energy when your office is ready to follow up.
    • Every event has an assistant on the call to ensure success. We also offer audio streaming and video, publish video clips to your social feed during an event, and send a reminder message by phone before the occasion.

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    Data points help guide actions and responses to complex issues. Fireside’s new product provides constituent data and solves primary logistical problems of building targeted audiences and scheduled mailings.

    • Fireside imports and maintains all the data for you. We upload, import, and map the data so you can spend more time picking your audience and no time fussing with giant data files. Any data you need, we can provide; including vote history, income levels, and sentiment on issues.

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