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By regularly including surveys in your newsletters, your office stands to gain organically collected data and increased opt-ins for your mailing lists. So constituents and staffers can make the most of surveys and their data, we updated our survey component during our recent newsletter revamp.

Embedded surveys produce stronger results than our legacy newsletter’s linked surveys. Even though links logically separate message content and interactive content, they can discourage answers. People don’t like being pulled away from tasks, i.e. checking their morning emails. That’s why our method changed with our new state-of-the-art newsletter editor, Message Builder. Now you can embed surveys right in the message body to get the most out of your constituent interaction.

Erin, the project manager of our Message Builder team, walks us through the best way to use newsletter surveys below.

Can you give a quick before and after overview of surveys?

“Before surveys could only be added to emails as a hyperlink or with help of our developers. Now, surveys can easily be added into messages without extra steps, and the responses will go directly into Fireside. Survey data can also be used to create audiences, and help an office’s outreach strategy.”

What are some other benefits to the new survey component, besides the do-it-yourself model?

“The survey component is more user friendly compared to the previous alternatives. Constituents can fill out the survey without leaving the email, which can lead to higher click rates.”

What’s an under-utilized way that surveys can fit into an outreach strategy?

“Most people think of surveys as a way to see how the people of the district feel about a particular policy issue. However, surveys can be used to find out if constituents need help with a federal agency like unemployment claims and medicare benefits. Survey information automatically goes back into Fireside, and can be used to contact constituents and start cases.”

Where can I find more information about surveys?

“We have articles on surveys in the Help Center, but if you need someone to take another look, let us know in chat or email at!”

Just like Erin said, if you have more questions on how to use surveys in your newsletters, check out the survey articles on the Help Center! If you need further assistance, we’re always available via chat, email, or phone.