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For those that have not heard, I have exciting news to share! Fireside is taking the next step in our journey by joining FiscalNote, a leading provider of global policy and market intelligence. Their data expertise and our experience with the unique Capitol Hill market will be leveraged together to bring our clients the best government technology solutions on the market.

So why the change, after 20 years of private ownership? My business partner, Jeff Mascott, and I started Fireside back in 2001, before content management systems and web development tools existed. We set out to bring the power of the modern web to government officials, most of whom were working with little to no technical support. Our vision for technology in government has grown exponentially over the past twenty years. There’s huge potential in constituent data, cloud computing, and machine learning to change the way government relates to constituents.

That’s where FiscalNote comes in. Joining another local tech company will give us access to new resources. Fireside is very much a small business (about the size of a congressional office). We love our start-up culture, but with limited people comes limited time and resources. Our past partnerships, like our work with the Democracy Fund, have proven to be invaluable for our knowledge base. With FiscalNote, we’ll be able to:

  • Pursue projects without securing external funding
  • Access their data processing power
  • Collaborate with peers on the Hill like CQ Roll Call, a member of the FiscalNote family

Most importantly, FiscalNote shares our drive to improve the relationship between government and its constituents; we’ll be able to push further unified than we ever could apart.

FiscalNote’s work spans all sides of government—advocacy, elected officials, and media. We’re thrilled to learn about these sectors, but rest assured we’ll continue to adhere to House rules regarding data usage. These rules are explicit and something we continue to take very seriously.

Throughout the acquisition process, Fireside will maintain its brand, employees, and the services you know and trust. I’m excited to begin moving forward together with FiscalNote, and I’m looking forward to what the future brings for Fireside and our valued clients!