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When the Virginia representative was sworn into office as a freshman, she realized her website had a few challenges that needed to be addressed. The website navigation seemed disjointed, and it lacked some basic functionality.

The representative was looking to create a website that allowed for complete transparency over the work she is doing on behalf of her constituents both in D.C. and the district. She also wanted to highlight her newsletter to ensure that constituents could easily opt in to receive periodic communications and district updates. Lastly, she wanted her website to be easy to maintain so that her team could quickly create and disseminate information across communication channels.

Creating a New Web Presence

The representative met these needs by designing a custom website from scratch with Fireside. Custom websites are often a multi-purpose solution for congressional offices; they can both rebrand a member’s digital presence and improve website functionality. With a custom build, Fireside clients work directly with designers and web developers to execute a vision for a new web presence.

The Results: ‘Functional, Easy to Navigate, Visually Pleasing’

After weeks of hard work from the client and Fireside, the representative’s office received a fully functional, modern website that encapsulated their work in Washington. “From a logistical standpoint, the project was completed smoothly,” said the office’s digital manager. “We finished on schedule, and I always had a sense of what our next steps were. Our Fireside project manager was very responsive and great to work with.”

The website delivered clear, informative content while enabling her district’s personality to shine through the photo gallery and constituent testimonials. The digital manager commented that the site was “more functional, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing,” adding that the office was “happy with the end results and would recommend this Fireside service to others.”

The Fireside Process

Each custom website project begins with a design form outlining the office’s vision and goals. The form also includes questions related to district demographics so the website will have a memorable impact on its target audience. For example, if a district has a large senior population, we might use a bigger typeface. If a district takes pride in its beautiful landscapes, we’ll be sure to include a photo gallery to display district imagery. This form not only assists with our process but also helps your office brainstorm ideas as you bring your design to life.

The amount of time and effort the Virginia representative’s team put into the first step set the foundation for success. They knew exactly what they wanted from their website and made sure to detail their priorities from the beginning.

“Creatively, the Fireside team was excellent,” said the Virginia delegate’s office manager. “We had several productive phone calls to nail down the look of our website, and they took my input seriously. With minimal back-and-forth, Fireside delivered a professional, polished style that echoed our brand.”

If instead you start out with many ideas and priorities, our team will help you narrow them into a vision that suits your needs. Fireside serves as a trusted advisor throughout the course of the project.

A custom website project takes about 12 weeks to complete, start to finish. To ensure every client is completely satisfied with the finished product, the Fireside team sets mutually understood expectations from the outset.

“The best part about a custom website project is seeing a client’s vision come to life,” says Stephanie Casassa, lead web developer at Fireside. “It’s exciting to navigate to that URL for the first time and see your hard work on display.”

Ready to Take Your Website to the Next Level?

Fireside works with more offices on Capitol Hill than any other web vendor, but our reputation for top-quality websites didn’t happen overnight. We work hard every day to continuously improve our product. Interested in learning more about our websites? Learn more about how Fireside can help government officials like you: request a demo.