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At Fireside, we strive to create simple solutions to complex challenges that congressional offices face. Since Covid-19 has sparked an increase in newsletter communication, we want to be sure that constituents are receiving valuable information from their congressional office. Our new newsletter editor makes emails that are flexible and accessible to all users on all devices, in line with Fireside’s pursuit of creative solutions for congressional offices.

Fool-proof Solutions

The email templates created for our new message builder have robust components; you won’t have to worry about an edit throwing off the format. The interface contains all the editing tools you’ll need, so there’s no longer a reason to manually change the HTML. By removing this option, your newsletters are protected from the strange formatting that can result from direct HTML edits. You’ll still be able to customize your message just how you like thanks to the interface’s flexibility, but the process will be intuitive for every staffer, no HTML knowledge needed!

Readability Guaranteed

According to Statista, 50% of people read the majority of their emails on mobile devices. To ensure that the greatest number of people can connect with your office, our emails are formatted to display correctly on all email servers and devices. We’ve also improved our plain-text option. Previously, plain text has led to a convoluted display, or a simple copy and paste url to a browser; now our newsletter makes sure it appears directly in the email. By taking away these barriers to your newsletters, you drastically increase their chance of reading the information disseminated by your office.

Accessible Features

When a screen-reader tries to interpret an email, oftentimes the software will get stuck on strange formatting or unexpected pictures. The built-in plain text feature enables constituents who use screen-readers to interpret the message correctly and receive the information they need. The updated editor also requires alt-text for all pictures, so even if your audience can’t see the picture, they still have an understanding of the display.

If you’ve already begun to use our Outreach program, then check out more of the new newsletter features here. If you think our product could be useful for you, then schedule a demo today!