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Fireside Outreach

Building stronger relationships with your constituencies.


You have limited time for monitoring floor speeches and committee hearings. That’s why we built a proprietary analytics engine to transcribe what your member says in floor speeches and committee hearings. Within 60 minutes of an event, you can access a transcript in Fireside. Cross-reference comments made with comments prepared, use search functionality to quickly find mentions of specific topics, and identify remarks worth spotlighting on your member’s website or in press releases.

AI Transcript Detail


You need powerful tools to create and foster meaningful connections. We believe every aspect of your congressional office makes a difference in how you communicate with your constituency. It's about more than informing the people in your district; it's about helping them feel represented. We've built our system to help you proactively build relationships through surveys, newsletters, data collection, and mailing tools.

Connunications Dashboard


All the information you share, newsletters you send, and data you collect combine to provide you with insights about your audiences, which you can output in a variety of formats. You can compare data, retarget people, and see results efficiently. With Fireside, you don’t have to dig for the answers — you’ll be able to see them clearly!


Client Stories

Staffers from all over the country trust us to deliver the best products and services for Congress.

Our office switched to Fireside about twelve months into our first term, and we have been very pleased with their products and service. We highly recommend them, and their product to any office. The Fireside team can assist you in setting up your mail and 499 program. They help make the whole process a breeze.

Legislative Assistant
North Carolina Delegation

“I want to personally thank Fireside for allowing me to have input with developing the new features that will assist caseworkers.  Fireside and I worked on together on these ideas and I truly appreciate all the hard work that they put forth to make this possible. I am entirely confident that any time I have a question for your Customer Support Team, they will respond with a solution to my issues in a timely manner. I truly feel at ease knowing that I can depend on entire staff at Fireside”

West Virginia Delegation

“Fireside staff answers every question I have with a deep knowledge of the system, understanding of Congressional processes, and compassion for the daily time crunch and stress Capitol Hill staffers face. Thanks to the ease of Fireside’s technology- from newsletter formatting to letter batching- my office is able to provide our constituents with consistent, quality updates on the events and issues that matter to them."

Press Secretary 
Michigan Delegation

I'm really glad we switched to Fireside. I've had to learn some new techniques to understand how the program works but I think overall it is much better than other CRMs on the Hill. I'm appreciative of  the help you offer. It means a lot.

Legislative Correspondent 
Florida Delegation

Fireside was an incredibly easy software to pick up. Coming from another office on Capitol Hill that used another CRM, I was worried about learning a new piece of constituent software. However, the transition was seamless and there was barely a learning curve due to the simplicity and support that Fireside provides.”

Legislative Assistant
California Delegation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power.

What if I don't know HTML? Can I still make edits?

Of course, you can! We make it easy to add information to your newsletter. If you get stuck, you can always chat with us.

Can I distribute my press releases through your outreach platform?

You can! Sending press releases through Fireside is a great way to identify who in your audience is engaging in the message. You can target and retarget members of the media who don't open the email.

Does your reporting include click-through rate?

It sure does. The statistics page is a great way to see if you're meeting or exceeding the average click-through rate of 1.4%.

Is the audience builder built into the system?

Yes indeed. You don’t need to leave Fireside to conduct telephone town halls or surveys, send 499s or newsletters, or use any of our other audience-building tools.

Does survey data feed automatically into Fireside?

Any data set in your survey will automatically feed back into Fireside. There’s no need to import or export any information. All your new subscribers will automatically be in your audience, so you can target and retarget them based on the results of your survey.

Can I post my newsletters on my website?

With the Fireside bundle, you can post your newsletter with a single click. There’s no need to reformat and paste it.

Want to pair a stunning website with that outreach plan? 

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