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To succeed in the halls of Congress, you’re required to navigate the complexities of the legislative process, while strategically liaising between constituents back home and the Hill. It’s a lot — balancing office priorities is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Fireside and CQ are using our 90+ years of experience on the Hill to bring you 12 best practices for managing constituents and legislation, that cover these topics and more:

  • Data integration to clarify district demographics
  • How to win the mailroom sorting battle
  • News, analysis, and coverage that inform your decisions
  • Precise customization of alerts to cut chaff

Adhering to best practices like these ensures you are not only working with the most comprehensive set of constituent and legislative data, but also acting on that data in the most efficient way. Fill out the form to download 12 easy steps that will focus your energy into a streamlined workflow that does the most for your district.

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