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After the 2022 State of the Union address, a digital director for a California representative, wanted to send a relevant follow-up newsletter to his office’s constituents that touched on their most pressing issues. Leveraging Fireside’s comprehensive Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, he was quickly able to launch a survey to constituents to gauge their sentiment on the issues discussed during the speech.

With this survey, he got the feedback he needed to craft his office’s response to the State of the Union and help constituents understand their representative’s positions on the issues discussed, opening a dialogue around key policy points. With Fireside as the main tool for the office’s constituent relationship management, the collected survey data was stored into an existing constituent profile, or was automatically added to a new profile. This allowed the communications team to quickly identify which voters are interested in which topics and helps them build more targeted outreach down the road. The Fireside survey also automatically added those who participated in further communications from this representative, fostering future positive engagement and positioning the office for a more successful blackout.

Increasing Constituent Engagement Through Technology

Surveys can be one of the most efficient tactics in a communications staffer’s strategy, but they require expertise to know what length, type of questions, and style will work best for your audience. This digital director relied on Fireside and its dedicated client services team to craft the best survey possible for his audience. In the end, the hard work paid off; the survey resulted in more than 700 new opt-ins, enabling him to correspond with that many more people, even during an election season blackout.

“We started doing surveys to get prepared for blackout,” he says. “Tyler from Client Services has been really helpful — he helped me through the more technical aspects. His guidance was really helpful.”

Fireside has 20+ years of experience bringing the latest technology and support to Capitol Hill so offices can engage in meaningful dialogue with their constituents. Having everything in one place ensures you know who to call when things go awry, or when you want some expert advice on part of your comms strategy.

“It’s convenient in the sense that we know who to go to for help, and we have a point of contact,” he adds. “It is also helpful to have things centralized in one place.”

Receiving Fireside’s analytics updates each week also helps him report on his success and evaluate progress. With these weekly emailed reports, he can quickly see how many people have reached out as a reference for overall progress, allowing him to act quickly to make adjustments or report on wins with confidence.

Refine Your Constituent Communications Strategy with Fireside

Any seasoned communications staffer on the Hill knows that getting constituents to opt into your office’s communications is an integral part of preparation before an election season — and blackouts — to be able to share important information throughout the year. And when you have an all-in-one system like Fireside, it’s easy to segment your audience to send them targeted messages about the issues they care about that will resonate the most with them.

If you’d like to streamline your comms strategies with Fireside, reach out today! When you have everything in one place, engaging in meaningful conversations with constituents becomes that much easier.