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Their site has specially designed internal pages for issues and news, vertical navigation, two auto-play videos, and custom icons. They wanted to showcase his policy work and legislative office.

The Goals

  • Putting a spotlight on Kurt’s policy work to show him as a workhorse for the district.
  • Designing unique internal pages to present lots of content in an easily readable way.

The Process

  • The office did a lot of research going into their design form. They outlined how they wanted their site to look, already had some of the icons designed, and had specific ideas for the custom internal pages.
  • We took their ideas and figured out how to best design and implement them with our system. 
  • We went through different design rounds and uniquely used some of the series for the particular pages they wanted. Then we programmed out that design and let them start filling in the content for the site.

The Results

  • Have beautiful issue pages that show lots of data in an accessible way.
  • Their news page is inspired by a news website landing page, like USA Today.
  • Because of their legislative focus, their main call to action going to their contact form to get comments on legislation.