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Keeping your constituents up-to-date and informed on what is happening across the country and your district is critical. And while you can only call constituents who have opted-in to receive phone calls from your office during the general election blackout, did you know that you can still host informative and interactive inbound-only events?

Inbound-only events provide an additional opportunity for constituents to engage with your member leading up to election day. You can share the event details in an email blast (usually a phone number or URL to access a live stream), then constituents can choose to participate and ask questions, or simply listen in on the conversation between your member and any guests you choose to include.

You can also incorporate video streaming with these events and push out the live stream to your website and social media, driving traffic to your own platforms where viewers can find more information about you.

Inbound-only Event Stats for Members of Congress in 2021

  • Average # of participants: 157
  • Average duration constituents stayed on the call: 42.5 minutes
  • Average # of constituents who entered the question queue: 28

When looking at these stats, it is helpful to note that the average duration for outbound participants was approximately 15 minutes. What we’ve noticed about inbound participants is that they are more engaged. They stay on the line longer and are more likely to ask questions and vote in polls than outbound participants.

Ready to get back in contact with your constituents with an inbound-only event? Email us to set up your inbound-only event today, or check out our Ultimate Guide to Telephone Town Halls for more information!