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Often, your website serves as the first and primary point of contact that your constituents have with you as their elected representative. First impressions are important, and that’s why it’s critical that your website is not only attractive and appealing, but compelling enough that your users can navigate it intuitively ― and make them want to visit again and again. Some good examples of high-performing websites include those of Congressman Kurt Schrader and Congressman Mike Conaway. To make their websites pop, both of these offices utilize imagery personalized to their districts, vibrant colors, and eye-catching videos.
In addition to an alluring website, an easy-to-understand digital design is key to an enhanced online presence. If visitors find your website difficult to navigate, they will immediately disengage. In the examples, note how easy it is to find ways to identify members, schedule tours, and help constituents stay up-to-date on news.

Tracking Engagement

Fireside contains a helpful tool called Newsletters Statistics. On this page, you will see a link to all your previous newsletters, in addition to the number of copies that were not only sent, but opened, and the number of links that were clicked within each newsletter. The statistics on this page ‒ when compared with the performance of previous newsletters ‒ allow you to determine the optimal time to send your newsletter and the most-effective subject lines.

It’s All About Content

Creating news items such as press releases, op-eds, and articles featuring the Congressperson are key in having a digital presence that is as informative as it is memorable. Look at Congressman Mike Conaway’s homepage, for example, and you’ll see “Latest News” prominently featured. Additionally, a “News” tab on the homepage allows constituents to delve into all the press releases, videos, and newsletters the office has produced. Curating content that’s easy to access helps build rapport with the citizens you represent. Click to find a tutorial to create a news item. Your next step is sharing that news with your followers.

Share the News

After posting articles on your website, share the news via your favorite social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. Selecting the “share” icon to the left of the article’s name prompts you to share a news item via our newsletter platform or to your linked social media accounts!

These are just a few ways that you can improve your digital presence and continue to strengthen it during the months ahead! If you’d like a more comprehensive overview of our web services, contact us or check out the piece we wrote on 8 Things to Consider Before a Congressional Website Redesign!