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Email Campaigns from advocacy vendors have been around for years and generations of staffers have grumbled just as long about what to do with them. Volume is a big problem, but a bigger challenge is the variation. Some advocacy campaign emails are personalized, some are not; some constituents want a response, some just want to share their thoughts. Trying to pinpoint personalized campaign emails required reading through hundreds of emails to make the comparison. But now, Fireside21 has developed a feature to make that pain a distant memory.

The new Fireside CRM Inbox is equipped with an A|B Comparison Button. No more running queries to expand and narrow your searches – you can now compare the content in one place!

When you activate the A|B button, it allows you to take our already grouped email campaigns and quickly scan through, comparing the current email to the previous text. If the email is personalized or contains unique information, Fireside CRM will highlight the differentiating text and strikethrough the text that has changed. As you see in the image above, each email will show unique address information, but the best part is that seeing large chunks of highlighted text will make this entire process a breeze.

Moving forward, Fireside CRM clients will never have to wonder if the campaigns have been personalized. We have made it simple for you to check and recognize personalizations in one location and you will get to spend the time you save doing more important legislative work.