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New data shows desire for weekly email communication and immediate information on treatments and vaccines.

Washington, DC – Constituents across America want their member of Congress to communicate with them frequently on COVID-19 matters, according to new research conducted by Fireside, Adfero, and Cohen Research Group. Nearly 50 percent of respondents said they would like to be emailed with updates on COVID-19 vaccines, treatments or testing availability, and close to one third expect their members of Congress to help them with unemployment benefits. Social distancing due to the pandemic underscores the necessity of up-to-date communication tools to relay information to constituents in home districts.

“This data shows that whether people are now working from home, unemployed or continuing to perform their pre-pandemic job, they want to hear from their members of Congress on developments around COVID-19 and unemployment,” said Josh Billigmeier, CEO of Fireside. “Now more than potentially ever before, members of Congress have a captive audience that is expecting to be communicated with.”

Topline statistics based on survey responses indicate that Americans want to hear from their elected members of Congress on a regular basis, with most indicating a weekly email as the preferred method of interaction. Additionally:

  • Likely voters want to hear from their members about a vaccine or treatments and are looking to receive that information in an expedited manner.
  • Nearly half (47%) of likely voters expect to be contacted by their member of Congress about COVID-19 at least once a week, with 13% even requesting daily updates.
  • Email communications are preferred by all age groups, especially those between 45-54 (56% chose as top method).

Full survey results and analysis can be found here.

The survey was conducted online, and the data was weighted to the expected November 2020 turnout.  The national survey has a margin of sampling error of +3.1% at the 95% confidence level.


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