Why We Do What We Do

“Work smarter, reach further, and discover more. Every day, we help our clients foster stronger connections.”

It’s our mission statement, and it’s what we focus on day in and day out. With over 170 clients, we understand that there is no one solution for all offices. That’s why we focus on each office’s individual needs and building personal relationships with our clients.

As previous Hill...

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A Day in the Life of a Capitol Hill Office

Staff are the heartbeat of every congressional office. In our previous post about the Ecosystem of Congress, we highlighted how everything that happens in your office and in your district are connected. But, we only touched on the other distractions and tasks the office will experience every day in session. To help better understand the day, we created a flowing data visualization to show you a...

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Fireside: Refueling the Flame

Fireside Announces New Brand Identity

Washington, DC, September 12, 2018 -- Fireside, a software company catering to members of Congress, announces the implementation of a new brand designed to reflect its ongoing mission to simplify the complexity of the Hill. The company’s new look reflects its success in forging strong client relationships and fostering client-constituent connections.


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The Ecosystem of Congress

We all know that November is right around the corner. Before you know it, everyone will be in Washington preparing for the 116th Congress.
One thing that was never clearly explained to me when I first came to Washington is how the Capitol Hill ecosystem really works. As complex as a congressional office may seem at first, things are even more tangled than you might think. What happens...

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Enhance your Digital Presence

Often, your website serves as the first and primary point of contact that your constituents have with you as their elected representative. First impressions are important, and that’s why it’s critical that your website is not only attractive and appealing, but compelling enough that your users can navigate it intuitively ― and make them want to visit again and again. Some good examples of...

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How to Maximize your August Recess in Fireside

Many of us look forward to the quiet time August brings on the Hill. In addition to giving us time to catch up on work that we’ve been putting off, it’s also the best time to prepare ourselves to hit the ground running for next Congress. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of August recess!

Merging Duplicate Profiles

While logging calls or mail in Fireside21, you may...

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Fireside Explores the Time-Saving Benefits of Machine Learning

I’m excited to announce that the Democracy Fund has given Fireside21 a $100,000 grant to explore the application of machine learning in our constituent relationship management platform.

Machine learning is a technology that’s now being widely used in the commercial space. When you shop on Amazon and see suggestions for related products, that’s machine learning in action. When Spotify...

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5 Ways to Prepare for Blackout

Summer is here. You know what that means: camping, cookouts, and communications. For all of these things, you need to prepare. For camping, you need a flashlight, a tent, and supplies. What is a cookout without cheeseburgers and hot dogs? Now that it’s summer and Congress is creeping out of blackout, how do you set yourself up for communications success to prepare for the next blackout?


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One Shining Frenzy

The 4th Annual Fireside Feature Frenzy has wrapped! After a week and nearly 1,500 votes from Fireside clients, the final four features have been set. Thank you to everyone for voting and for all of your suggestions throughout the year!

Now that you have determined which features you want, the Fireside21 innovation can begin! Over the next few months, our team will begin a comprehensive...

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Crazy Little thing Called Frenzy

It’s that time of year again — NCAA brackets are busting everywhere and Fireside21 users are getting ready for the competition where everyone wins!

The annual Fireside Feature Frenzy is back and frenzier than ever! All week, Fireside customers get to vote for their favorite customer-suggested features in four different categories: Casework, Mailroom, Outreach (Website, Newsletter), and...

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