Need Help? There's a Fireside Training for That!

Everyone needs a little help now and then. At Fireside, we stand ready to assist our clients by providing regularly scheduled trainings, every week, on all of our products. Best of all, these trainings are open to all staff members (and interns) whether they're located in DC or in any District Office across the country.

Introduction to Fireside Training - On Demand Video

Who: Anyone (Staff and Interns) looking to get acquainted with Fireside basics.

What: An essential introduction to Fireside - learn how to log into your office's account, search people records, create new people, and log interactions with constituents (calls, emails, faxes, walk-ins). In just 5 minutes, you can be up and running in Fireside!

*LIVE* Inbox Training (CRM Clients) - On Demand Video

Who: DC Staff and Interns who use Fireside's Inbox to manage your office's constituent communications.

What: Learn how to log emails, manage campaigns, batch and assign mail, and apply issue and affiliation tags. We also discuss best practices, how to maximize your office's efficiency and saving time by using automations and logging templates.

*LIVE* Mailroom Training (CRM Clients) - On Demand Video

Who: DC Staff members who handle the office's constituent correspondence.

What: Searching for people, logging mail, batches, using Issue and Affiliation codes, editing letters, sending emails, creating form letters, mail reports and much more!

*LIVE* Casework Training (CRM Clients) - On Demand Video

Who: District Staff members who do outreach and assist constituents with Federal agencies.

What: Searching for people, starting cases, editing letters, sending emails, creating form letters, Agencies, casework reports and much more!

*LIVE* Website / Newsletter Training (Web & Newsletter Clients) - On Demand Video

Who: Any Staff who post press releases, edit the website or work on the Newsletter.

What: Creating Audiences, posting press releases, promoting on social media, adding files and photos, editing web pages and Newsletter basics.

*LIVE* Fireside Live Events Training (Fireside Live Events Clients) - On Demand Video

Who: Any Staff who will manage Fireside Live events.

What: Scheduling and executing events, learning the host and screeners roles during an event, and accessing constituent data following an event. 

*IN PERSON* Fireside Success Coaching (All Clients) 

Who: Any staff that have completed the above trainings.

What: Take a deeper dive into your Fireside CRM to increase efficiency in your mail program, design an outreach plan using the tools and data in Fireside, understand how to collect/elevate your data, or streamline your casework processes.

To sign up please email and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Office
  • Office Address
  • Title
  • What components would you like to discuss? (Eg: Data, Outreach, Mailroom, Casework, all, other)

One we receive your email, someone from our team will reach out to schedule a time! 

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