Four Reasons Fireside will Make your Life Easier

At Fireside, we do things a little differently. You may have heard that we’re more than just a constituent relationship management provider for Capitol Hill because of our company culture and our innovative endeavors. We always put our users first — to make your life easier. As a former legislative correspondent, I know the trials that staffers on the Hill endure to fulfill their day-to-day...

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Fireside CEO Testifies Before House Modernization Committee

Washington, DC, October 31, 2019 - Today, Fireside CEO, Josh Billigmeier, testified before the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. The hearing was entitled Congress and the Frank: Bringing Congressional Mailing Standards into the 21st Century.  

“I want to thank Chairman Kilmer, Vice Chairman Graves, and the members of this committee for inviting me here today,” said...

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5 Reasons to Redesign

When people want to contact their member of Congress, obtain assistance, or learn more about their representation in Washington, the member’s website is often the first place they go. If your website is outdated or hard to navigate, it may be tricky for constituents to find what they need. A redesign can give your site a more modern look and better help those you serve. Here are five reasons a...

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More than correspondence: The CSS perspective

Every day at the office, you log into Fireside, do your work, and then log out. But did you know that Fireside is more than just a constituent relationship management company? Unlike other players in the market, we have a unique background. As former Hill staffers ourselves, we strive to make your office more effective, so you can make an impact for your constituents.

Logging mail can feel...

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Office 365: Transitioning Your Outreach Program to Fireside

Are you using Microsoft Outlook for your office’s press releases and mass mailings? Find out how Fireside can help you overcome the new 500-contact limitation in Office 365’s Outlook and streamline your outreach program.

The House’s transition to Office 365 introduced a 500-contact limit in Microsoft Outlook. This change prevents many offices from using Outlook as their primary application for...

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Turning around your Mail in less than two days with Fireside

Many of the congressional offices using Fireside proudly state that they are able to turn around mail in two days or less. We’ve talked to the staff in these offices about how they use the system and leverage its tools to not just reactively respond to constituents but create relationships with them. Thanks to this quick turnaround, they’ve been able to create powerful, aggressive, proactive...

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Machine Learning: Phase One


The Why

Congressional offices receive overwhelming amounts of mail expressing all kinds of sentiments. As volume has increased, we’ve watched our clients grow frustrated with their inability to manage the deluge of mail manually. Sometimes it takes overtime or even coming in on the weekend to accurately tag every piece of inbound correspondence by issue and sentiment, whether pro or con. We...

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The Interns are Coming

Memorial Day weekend — a time for grilling, watching baseball, and more importantly, preparing for summer interns. When the new crew of eager beavers barges through the doors of the House office buildings, how will you prepare them for their time in Fireside?

We’ve put together some resources to help you and your newbies during this frenetic time:

For the intern coordinator:

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Reimagining Fireside

At Fireside, your experience means everything to us. That’s why we designed our new interface from the ground up with a focus on efficiency, clarity, and aesthetics. There’s a lot that will be familiar to you, and you’re going to love what’s new.


The Fireside platform has always been easy to navigate, and we’ve taken that a step further, relocating the global navigation to be vertical...

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CRM Myths

Myth 1: I can’t switch my constituent relationship management platform until the end of the year because I already signed an annual contract

You are not locked into your contract. House rules state that you can break your CRM contract at any time.

That’s right, anytime.

Here’s another tip: The best time to switch during an election year is October. Your volume of mail decreases, giving you time...

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