The Power of Collaboration.

With every problem we solve, with every product we create, Fireside (part of the FiscalNote family) believes in the power of collaboration. Relationships are at the core of Fireside and legislative offices; we understand that different perspectives foster innovation in tech and on Capitol Hill. Our flagship constituent relationship management platform (CRM) amplifies constituent voices by emphasizing efficiency, so you can focus on what matters most - building stronger relationships with your constituents.


Why "Fireside"?

Back to Our Roots

We believe technology can bring government to constituent living rooms, like Franklin D. Roosevelt envisioned with his century-old “Fireside Chats.” With the launch of the first integrated CRM, website, and newsletter, Fireside brought Congress’ communications into the 21st century.


Our Shifting Strategy

The Journey Forward

Since our launch in 2001, the communications landscape has shifted dramatically. Increased constituent engagement and evolving communication channels have encouraged us to look to new technologies like machine learning to keep up. With better mail management, offices can switch from reactive communication to strategic communication plans that anticipate constituent interests and capitalize on emerging topics.

Fireside is Now Part of FiscalNote

FiscalNote is the premier information services company focused on global policy and market intelligence. By combining AI technology, expert analysis, and legislative, regulatory, and geopolitical data, FiscalNote is reinventing the way that organizations minimize risk and capitalize on opportunity.

Home to CQ, Roll Call, Oxford Analytica, and VoterVoice, FiscalNote empowers more than 5,000 clients worldwide to monitor, manage, and act on the issues that matter most to them. To learn more about FiscalNote and its family of brands, visit and follow @FiscalNote.

The Values That Define Us

Our values communicate what we believe as a company and how we work together toward a shared vision.



Our relationships with colleagues, clients, vendors, and friends are the cornerstone of Fireside. Through purposeful actions, thoughts, and discussion, we maintain focus and improve continuously.



We inspire and ignite creativity in everything we do by taking risks and finding new ways to solve challenges.



We stand by one another in times of creativity, success, and strife. We are a tight knit group of individuals who seek connections deeper than those of our work.



We can't make the best products in a silo. We continuously drive toward shared goals and invite diverse feedback along the way.