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Who We Are

Fireside is the premier all-in-one constituent relationship management (CRM) platform built for government. Our automated mailroom, relational database, mobile-ready newsletters, and casework hub work together so all the tools you need are accessible in one comprehensive platform.

With every problem we solve and product we create, Fireside strives to strengthen ties between constituents and their government. Our efficient and collaborative platform empowers you to focus on what matters most — building strong relationships with constituents.


Our Story


Back in 2001, our founders, Josh and Jeff, realized that tech tools for government lagged far behind private sector innovations. By harnessing the power of the digital age, they created Fireside to enable elected officials to communicate efficiently with constituents. Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to bring government to constituents’ living rooms during his “fireside chats,” Fireside gave a new generation of legislators the same power. 

Since 2001, both the political and technological landscapes have changed in unforeseen ways — constituent engagement has skyrocketed and new technologies like machine learning have enhanced CRM capabilities. Through our 20+ years in business, we’ve provided increasingly powerful govtech solutions. Looking ahead to tomorrow’s challenges, we’ve partnered with FiscalNote — their proficiency in data analytics combined with our unique government expertise will launch government/constituent relationships into all new territory.

The Values That Define Us

Our values communicate what we believe as a company and how we work together toward a shared vision.



Our relationships with colleagues, clients, vendors, and friends are the cornerstone of Fireside. Through purposeful actions, thoughts, and discussion, we maintain focus and improve continuously.



We inspire and ignite creativity in everything we do by taking risks and finding new ways to solve challenges.



We stand by one another in times of creativity, success, and strife. We are a tight knit group of individuals who seek connections deeper than those of our work.



We can't make the best products in a silo. We continuously drive toward shared goals and invite diverse feedback along the way.