We Thrive When Solving Important Problems For The Greater Good

This is our core purpose, our "philosophical heartbeat". It's the driving force that enables us to define our brand and culture.

Act With Intention

Our relationships with colleagues, clients, vendors, and friends are the cornerstone of Fireside. Through purposeful actions, thoughts, and discussions, we maintain focus and improve continuously.

Ignite Creativity

We inspire and ignite creativity in everything we do by taking risks and finding new ways to solve challenges.

Stand By Your Tribe

We stand by one another in times of creativity, success, and strife. We are a tight knit group of individuals who seek connections deeper than those of our work.

Choose Collaboration

We can't make the best products in a silo. We continuously drive toward shared goals and invite diverse feedback along the way.

Meet The Team

Created by techies, crafted for Congress. Fireside brings simplicity to the complexity of the Hill. Our team understands the needs of Hill staffers because many of us are former congressional staffers ourselves. This experience helps us relate to the problems of modern legislative offices, and our creativity leads to solutions.

Work smarter, reach further, and discover more. Every day, we help our clients foster stronger connections.


Come from Startups


Nitro Cold Brew Aficionados


Former Hill Staffers

Want to join the team? 

We always are looking for fun, creative, and bold people to work with us!