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Staff Assistant

Staff Assistants manage the reception area, greet guests, and log phone calls and messages. They might also be responsible for handling constituent mail and flag, meeting, and tour requests.

Staff Assistant Workflow:

  1. Log into Fireside at https://[MemberName] Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.

Logging Mail and Inbox Management

  1. Start your day by documenting the voicemails left from the evening before in Fireside. You'll have to search for or add a profile to log constituent calls and messages.
    1. Pro-Tip: When logging a message, do an instant search for the constituent to see if they already exist in Fireside, so you don't create a duplicate profile. Use name, email, mailing address, or phone number with the instant search; don't be afraid to combine information to help pare down results.
  2. Over time, users may find more than one profile for a constituent in Fireside. Duplicate records can be merged without losing any mail or case history.
  3. When you’re ready to start working in the inbox to log inbound constituent messages, refer to the LC one-pager. Be sure to follow the process set up by your office’s LC for logging mail.

Casework and Managing Constituent Requests

  1. If you are in the district office and use casework to manage your projects, please refer to the caseworker one-pager. The casework tools also work for managing webform requests. Contact us for assistance in setting up a system to manage requests.
  2. Webform Requests: Your office may have webforms submit constituent requests directly into Fireside with an email notice sent to a staffer’s email account. These apply for many forms (i.e., tours, flags, service academy nominations, meeting and event requests, etc.). If forms are funneled back into Fireside, automations will route submissions into batches to streamline finding and fulfilling those requests.
    1. You may process requests from the original mail record or convert the mail into casework.

System Settings

  1. To create user accounts for incoming staffers, you'll have to become an account owner. Once you have account ownership, you can create new accounts, mark user accounts as inactive, and adjust account permissions. *Note that user settings changes take effect upon logging out and back into Fireside.


  1. Navigate to General Reports to view stats and visuals on the mail that your office has received and processed.
    1. The blue question mark in the top-right corner of the screen will give a full description of the report in question.
  2. Our advanced reports provide information of a greater depth. To access the page and download the reports, click on the blue “Advanced Reports” button in the Reports menu. 
    1. You can favorite advanced reports (click the star) to save time and group your most frequently used reports together.

Fireside Guide

To learn more in-depth details about using Fireside, check out our comprehensive Fireside Guide. As a Staff Assistant, we recommend you check out the Mailroom section to learn more about the inbox and handling mail from batches. If you process any webform requests via casework, you'll want to review this section as well.


On-Demand Training Videos

Everyone needs a little help now and then. To help you out, we have on-demand videos on every component in Fireside, including the inbox, mailroom tools, casework tools, web and newsletter tools, and live events. Best of all, to be flexible with your ever-changing schedule, these videos are available to you at any point during your day!

Introduction to Fireside

Inbox Training

(for CRM Clients)

Mailroom Training

(for CRM Clients)

Casework Training

(for CRM Clients)

Newsletter Training

(for Newsletter Clients)

Website Training

(for Web Clients)

Live Events Training

(for Live Events Clients)


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