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It's not enough for your office's eNewsletters and web sites to be aesthetically pleasing. They must also be easy to access and navigate on a variety of devices, not just desktop computers. Fireside21 developers pride themselves on implementing attractive yet functional designs, and we will work with your office to ensure that your web communications look modern and provide all of the necessary information in an intuitive format. Don't just take our word for it, though: your House colleagues who have chosen to host their websites with Fireside21 have won more Congressional Management Foundation Gold Mouse Awards than those of any other vendor on the Hill.


When your office needs to catalog hundreds of constituent interactions and casework requests every day, clicking through an endless sequence of menus to perform routine tasks prevents you from focusing on the work you want to do. As former staffers, we understand how annoying this can be - so we designed everything from the layout to the behind-the-scenes operations of our platforms to reduce the time you spend waiting for pages to load or navigating through cascades of screens and landing pages. Integration between our services and with social media also means that you will no longer have to waste time synchronizing contacts who reach your office online, over the phone, or through mail, giving you back the time you need to excel at your job.


Constituent outreach is always changing; you probably can think of ways to improve your office's contact and casework management, targeted 499 mailings, and website design every day. Because our developers designed our systems from scratch, your ideas for new, time-saving features can enter development right away, meaning that your office does not have to wait for the rigid product-release cycles to which other vendors adhere. Our nimble development cycle has allowed us to pioneer features like instant CRM contact search and smartphone-adaptable websites before any other vendor, and we like to stay up to date on the latest in software design so that we can pass those new innovations along to you.


In order to truly understand the needs of a Congressional office, you have to actually experience the pace, stresses, and culture of life on the Hill. Our account team, outreach staff, and executive management have all worked as staffers, and understand firsthand that your office can't afford to wait all afternoon on customer support. We provide free on-site training sessions and are available by phone, email, or real-time online chat so that we are ready to respond within seconds to any questions you may have.