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Total Access

Connect with thousands of your constituents all at once - reaching them on the platform of their choice, from Facebook to their cell phone. Plus, we automate the process of getting event data back into your CRM, making follow-up a breeze. All of this data can be leveraged for retargeting using Fireside’s audience tool. Total Access includes:

  • Outbound Dialing
  • Streaming Audio & Slideshow
  • Website Integration
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Pre-Event Robo Call
  • Inbound Event Callers
  • Pro Screening & Assistance
  • Live Produced Video & Equipment
  • Social Center
  • Personalized Social Promotion
  • Strategic Planning
  • Captioning

Website Integration

With Live Events, your website is the focal point. Provide your audience with a choice of how to participate. With website integration, participants can register to receive a phone call with the number they prefer – landline or mobile – to experience the event.

Your audience can also view the live stream of the Fireside Live event on your website. Our team will work directly with you to build your Access Live presence on your platform, allowing participants to easily consume event content right on your website.

  • Gather information from participants through pre-event registration
  • Stream content directly on your website
  • Grow your website traffic and audience engagement
  • Online Q&A and Polls allow you to truly interact with your audience during the live event
  • On Demand content available after the event

Streaming/Social Media Syndication

During Fireside Live events, you have the ability to dial out to thousands of constituents at once. But some would rather not participate on their phone. Streaming audio and/or video your Fireside Live event provides an additional opportunity for them to engage with you.

Combined with website integration, streaming allows you to drive traffic to your own platform where viewers can find more information and resources. While participating online, constituents can ask questions and partake in polls. Plus, you can display supplemental visual content during your event, such as on screen graphics including calls to action.

Custom Promotion Plans

Our team will create your Custom Promotion Plan based on the content of your event, including information such as the date and time, topic of discussion, and any featured guests who will be joining. Choose which social media channels to promote on, or choose to promote via email, and we will create an individualized plan that fits your specific needs and goals, ensuring your event is as successful as possible.


OPTION A: Social Media Plan

  • Copy and images for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts
  • Email copy

OPTION B: Email Series

  • Copy and images for a series of emails
  • Microsoft Word document containing complete emails with links. You just copy, paste, and press send!

OPTION C: Other Promotion Options

  • Contact us to create a promotion strategy for your event

Custom Caller ID

With Custom Caller ID, you get to decide what gets displayed when you call your constituents for a Fireside Live event. Using 15 characters or less, your caller ID name will show for providers that display caller ID name. Based on availability, you can also choose your desired area code to increase answers.

Benefits of Custom Caller ID:

  • Increase answers by letting your constituents know who is calling. 
  • Minimize spam blocking of your phone number.
  • Ensure you have a clean number to dial your constituents. 
  • Reduce the number of phone calls directly to your office.
  • Preserve the reputation of your office by using the same clean number to make calls.


Easily add captions to your audio or video streaming events, ensuring everyone can follow along with your event, all while providing access to your audience when sound isn’t an option. Captions are visual displays that capture the statements of the host, moderator, and participants, allowing viewers to read along as the Live event takes place.

The captions are produced by a live professional captioner. The caption feature can be seen when you stream your live event to your website, Facebook, and in Social Center clips. Twitter does not currently support video captions.

Benefits of Captioning: 

  • Reach your entire audience, even when sound isn’t an option
  • Give access to those who have hearing loss or are hearing impaired
  • Improve engagement and comprehension
  • Flexibility of consumption to your content-rich videos
  • Helps you to be conformant with Rehabilitation Act Section 508 and WCAG 2.0


Quickly and efficiently call your audience with important information.

Notifications are a better way to send important – and often urgent – information to large audiences quickly and efficiently. Our pre-recorded notifications service provides the ability to send many thousands of informative messages in a cost-effective, automated way.

Use Notifications for emergency service communications, large-scale events that require last-minute updates, and reminders for in-person events.

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