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Fireside Live

Telephone Town Halls (powered by Broadnet)

Communicate in Real Time

Fireside Live is an efficient way to reach out, effectively engage, and gather feedback from your audience. Your audience wants authentic conversations, and Fireside Live delivers them. Calling, streaming, and polling are all ways to let your community know you're listening. With two powerful options for telephone town halls, we can help you connect.


Text With Ease 

Did you know that 98% of people read text messages within two minutes? Compared to other marketing tools, the open rate of text messages is unrivaled. Make a connection with SMSBroadcast – reaching your constituents with the method they use most.

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Survey to Learn More

Gain real-time insight into what matters most to your constituents using Surveyor®, an easy yet powerful automated polling platform that helps you collect valuable data and receive feedback from your entire constituency. You can import this data directly into your constituent relationship management system to guide your communication strategy throughout the year.


Custom Promotion Plans

In the days or weeks leading up to your Fireside Live event, promoting it via social media and email can help increase awareness, leading to higher registration rates. Our team will create a custom promotion plan for you based on the content of your event, including information such as the date and time, topic, and any featured guests.

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Customize your experience

From creating custom caller IDs to providing a professional event moderator for your telephone town hall events, Fireside helps you tailor each event to your constituency and your member of Congress. See everything we can do for you here

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“I want to thank you for continuing to do these town halls. I think this is a really great thing that you do, speaking with us directly.

Anonymous Constituent
Voicemail after an event

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to help guide your next event. 

What should we do to raise awareness for events?

Before the event, you want to raise awareness in advance of your events can help you gain a more engaged audience. A pre-call and/or Custom Promotion Plan can help let constituents know that an event is coming. Use social media, emails, texts, or autocalls to personally invite your audience to join the event and let your audience know what topics the event will be focused on addressing. Posting and emailing about your event several times leading up to it will help remind viewers to register in advance, and/or clear their calendars for the time of your event.

How do I set up a Live event?

Fireside and Broadnet work with you to prepare for your perfect Live event. You will have an initial setup form for your account. Following that, any added customizations like a CallerID or Promotion Plan, you will be asked a few important questions to ensure we proceed correctly with your event desires. 

Why do people drop off during events?

It is normal to see gradual drop-off throughout your live event. Also, keep in mind that cell phones are more likely to lose connection from their carrier, so it is helpful to provide constituents with methods to reconnect (the dial-in number, streaming URL, etc.).

How often should we host events?

Your constituents voted you into office and want to hear from you. Fireside Live events give you the ability to engage with constituents between in-person events and gives constituents the chance to participate however is convenient for them (on their landline, mobile device, or watching online). Fireside Live makes you accessible, enabling you to reach, hear, and inform a large audience from a distance or engage an audience you wouldn’t normally reach during in-person events.

If someone responds to our text, can I see it?

Like any event you host, you will receive a report of people that were reached and those that were not. Included in that report, you will receive anyone that responded to the outbound SMS message if you'd like to connect with them. 

Will I be charged if I need to reschedule?

Absolutely not. We will put a hold on the event and reschedule it for whenever your boss is able to participate! 

Ready to set up an event or want to know other ways to reach out? 

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