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Policy Tracking

Keeping you ahead of policy news and legislative developments

We help you stay on top of the issues that matter.

Fireside is the only constituent management platform that offers packaged access to award-winning, nonpartisan congressional news and analysis, plus policy tracking at the federal, state, and local levels. Real-time alerts mean you’ll always stay one step ahead when it comes to policy.

Monitor policy developments in Congress

Get the trusted news and analysis you need on Capitol Hill.

Policy Monitoring

Turn the flood of legislative information and federal government documents into a focused stream. Our sophisticated tracking combines advanced searching and alerting with exclusive policy analysis and insights and the greatest depth and breadth of information on the market.

News & Analysis

Avoid biased reporting and analysis with the award-winning reporters of CQ and Roll Call. Relied on by thousands of clients, CQ and Roll Call’s news corp on the Hill are your eyes and ears for everything happening and being discussed — from the Senate floor, to committee meetings, to the cafeteria.

Custom Alerts

Eliminate time spent manually compiling legislative developments with automated reports that capture relevant bills and illustrate changes related to key issues.

Follow changes at the state level

Monitor newly introduced state legislation and regulatory data, and keep an eye on trends across the country. Collaboration and project management tools help your team influence the right stakeholders and gain support for important issues.

Policy Monitoring

Ensure you miss nothing with comprehensive state legislative and regulatory information from proposal to enactment. Prioritize legislative advocacy using predictive analytics around the likelihood of bill passage. A searchable archive of historical bills helps you understand the complete picture.

Issues Management

Drive unified policy and stakeholder management strategies with collaborative tools. Share talking points, internal memos, meeting notes, relevant policy information, news clips, and uploaded documents, and log meetings and other actions.

Bill Reports

Eliminate time spent manually compiling legislative developments with FiscalNote’s automated reports. Reports capture relevant bills by state, status, and priority to illustrate changes related to key issues.

Track local issues

Stay ahead of policy change within cities, counties, and school districts. Curate scans meeting minutes, agendas, planning, and other documents from more than 12,000 local government entities and 4,000 school districts. It also has the largest local contact database, with contact information for more than 100,00 local government stakeholders.

Policy Monitoring

Navigate changes, risks, and opportunities within your district or the entire state. Search through hundreds of thousands of documents and stakeholders, and set up alerts so that you’re updated on developments in real time.

Detailed Policy Reports

Save time by leaving tedious work to Curate’s AI. Curate delivers word-for-word reports from meetings and agendas across dozens of committees, councils, and commissions. Receive alerts every time a representative or an important program is brought up in local government. Agendas for upcoming district meetings are shared in advance so you can attend when key issues will be discussed.

"The convenience of having everything under in a single platform is a huge plus. Whether it’s issue development or a directory of legislators and officials, it’s all there. We like being able to filter by issue subject and priority and review trends across the country."

FiscalNote User

"Using Curate is key for us because it allows us to track anything that might be coming up — because we know once it comes up in a hearing then it’s probably going to be legislation at some point."

Curate User

"We use CQ Federal to track legislation, developments, and keywords from hearings. We need to stay on top of things. These alerts serve as an information source for congressional staff."

CQ User

"Knowing what’s going on in the states is helpful to make sure we’re ahead of the game, know what restrictions and laws will be in effect and can share that promptly."

FiscalNote User

"We all have our keywords for what we’re tracking, and based on those, we get an alert when something happens on a topic. We set up an alert for that bill and monitor its progress and then do analysis on whether or not it looks like it’s something that’s going to move, or just get introduced. Then we work with the committee staff or personal staff on the legislation."

CQ User

"There were communities where we didn’t know what was going on with policymaking. Now I can get notified really quickly. This absolutely helps us with breadth and depth of knowing what’s going on."

Curate User

"It used to be that we had a member of our staff that went through all these news websites, compiled a 'daily scan' and sent it out to everybody. If you had the time, you read it, if you didn't, you hoped there wasn't something in there you missed. Now we're much more informed and efficient. FiscalNote allows our entire team to come to meetings prepared to discuss the latest developments."

FiscalNote User

Client Testimonials

Improve efficiency by using FiscalNote’s news and policy tracking solutions alongside Fireside.