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Legislative Assistant/Legislative Director

Legislative Assistants and Directors craft the Member’s legislative strategy and messaging. This guide covers using Fireside mailroom and reporting.

Outreach Workflow:

  1. Log into Fireside at https://[MemberFirstLast] Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.
  2. After logging in, the Dashboard Reports provide a quick glimpse into the health of your Fireside emanager. 


  1. Under Mailroom > My Mail, view any open mail items assigned to you or others by using the filters on the right-hand side. This is the best page to do a careful audit of pending mail awaiting response.
  2. The Mailroom section also allows you to view your office’s inbox, which holds webform submissions, scanned physical letters, and campaign mail awaiting logging by staff and further action. 
    1. Individual Inbox
      1. Shows all webform submissions from the official website.
    2. Digital Mail Inbox
      1. View scanned physical mail. The House provides this service for free when they process physical mail for security.
      2. Your office will receive original hard copies of the letters 1-2 weeks after receipt in Fireside.
    3. Campaign Mail
      1. Contains template emails sent by constituents via third-party advocacy organizations (ex. Resistbot, MoveOn, Indivisible, etc.).
      2. Groups messages by specific campaign or subject line to make logging mail more efficient.
      3. Pro-Tip: Creating automations can help you log large amounts of mail faster, so you can spend less time in the inbox.
  3. Tag mail with issue codes so your office can create detailed mail reports, targeted audiences, and bulk mailings.  
  4. On the batches page, you'll find folders containing similar inbound messages that have been grouped together for a uniform response.
  5. On the form letters page, create, edit, and approve language for use in responding to constituent mail.


  1. Navigate to General Reports to view stats and visuals on the mail that your office has received and processed.
    1. The blue question mark in the top-right corner of the screen will give a full description of the report in question.
  2. Our advanced reports provide information of a greater depth. To access the page and download the reports, click on the blue “Advanced Reports” button in the Reports menu. 
    1. You can favorite advanced reports (click the star) to save time and group your most frequently used reports together.

Fireside Guide

To learn more in-depth details about the sections above or any part of Fireside, check out our comprehensive Fireside Guide. As an LD or LA, we recommend you check out the Mailroom section broadly and specifically the pages on My Mail and form letters

On-Demand Training Videos

Everyone needs a little help now and then. To help you out, we have on-demand videos on every component in Fireside, including the inbox, mailroom tools, casework tools, web and newsletter tools, and live events. Best of all, to be flexible with your ever-changing schedule, these videos are available to you at any point during your day!

Introduction to Fireside

Inbox Training

(for CRM Clients)

Mailroom Training

(for CRM Clients)

Casework Training

(for CRM Clients)

Newsletter Training

(for Newsletter Clients)

Website Training

(for Web Clients)

Live Events Training

(for Live Events Clients)


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