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District and DC Interns

Interns manage the reception area, greet guests, assist caseworkers and log phone calls and messages. Sometimes, they also manage mail and constituent requests for flags, meetings, and tours.

Intern Workflow:

  1. On your first day, an office Account Owner will create your Fireside account. You’ll receive an account activation email in Outlook, which will let you set a password and sign into Fireside with your unique credentials.  
  2. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge to sign into Fireside. There’s no need to download anything- as long as you’re connected to the internet and behind the House firewall, Fireside’s at your fingertips.
  3. Log into Fireside at https://[MemberName] Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.

Logging Mail and Inbox Management

Your office’s intern coordinator will determine your day-to-day responsibilities.  If they’d like you to log incoming calls and emails to keep track of constituent communication, visit the Staff Assistant one-pager to find a more detailed workflow.

Casework and Managing Constituent Requests

  1. Please refer to the caseworker one-pager if you’re working in the district office with constituent cases and outreach. Casework tools are also useful for managing webform requests for tours and flags. Contact us if you have questions; we’ll be happy to help you set up a system to process those requests.
    1. We recommend discussing your office's casework handling procedures with the office manager, since no office manages casework in the exact same manner.
  2. Webform Requests: Your office may have webforms submit constituent requests directly into Fireside with an email notice sent to a staffer’s email account. These apply for many forms (i.e., tours, flags, service academy nominations, meeting and event requests, etc.). If forms are funneled back into Fireside, automations will route submissions into batches to streamline finding and fulfilling those requests.
    1. You may process requests from the original mail record or convert the mail into casework.


  1. Navigate to General Reports to view stats and visuals on the mail that your office has received and processed.
    1. The blue question mark in the top-right corner of the screen will give a full description of the report in question.
  2. Our advanced reports provide information of a greater depth. To access the page and download the reports, click on the blue “Advanced Reports” button in the Reports menu.
    1. You can favorite advanced reports (click the star) to save time and group your most frequently used reports together.


  1. Start by navigating to the import template page. Choose the format that best fits your data. 
  2. To import data to Fireside, configure your data and upload by following the steps on the "Import" page.
  3. To import new subscribers, format your data as outlined in the "How to Import a List of New Subscribers" page, and follow the steps to complete the import.

Fireside Guide

To learn more in-depth details about using Fireside, check out our comprehensive Fireside Guide


On-Demand Training Videos

Everyone needs a little help now and then. To help you out, we have on-demand videos on every component in Fireside, including the inbox, mailroom tools, casework tools, web and newsletter tools, and live events. Best of all, to be flexible with your ever-changing schedule, these videos are available to you at any point during your day!

Introduction to Fireside

Inbox Training

(for CRM Clients)

Mailroom Training

(for CRM Clients)

Casework Training

(for CRM Clients)

Newsletter Training

(for Newsletter Clients)

Website Training

(for Web Clients)

Live Events Training

(for Live Events Clients)


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