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Fireside Federal

Fireside is a fully integrated software solution that accomplishes more for Capitol Hill.

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What We Do

Fireside Federal solutions eliminate the need to switch between multiple platforms for constituent relationship management, newsletters, and your website needs.

No one understands Hill offices better. Your account team are former staffers, offering the support and strategic advice for constituent engagement you need.



Our platform simplifies daily constituent communications. Spend less time building and arranging your newsletter and more time optimizing your message.
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Fireside’s CRM platform was designed by and for congressional staffers to help you automate routine tasks and accomplish them in fewer clicks than ever before.
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Our web platform’s content manager allows you to publish news, press releases, and multimedia in a single click, as well as import from your social media accounts.
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The data we collect helps guide your outreach efforts and your responses to complex issues, enabling sophisticated targeting based on topics your constituents care about.
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Strategy Coaching

Learn new ways to connect with constituents and form relationships with the people in your district. Our strategy coaching shows you ways to optimize your outreach to prepare for blackout.
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