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District Director

District Directors supervise Constituent Service Representatives in their work processing casework, oversee constituent outreach, and manage in-district events and appearances for the Representative. District Directors rely on Fireside to monitor casework progress and manage constituent and local official demographic data.

District Director Workflow:

  1. Log into Fireside at https://[MemberName] Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.
  2. After logging in, the main dashboard report on casework gives a quick glimpse into your office's cases by showing cases opened and closed over the last seven days.


  1. Under Casework > My Cases, view all of your office’s ongoing or closed cases and check your cases. This is the best page to do a careful audit of pending casework awaiting response.
    1. To get started with casework, please review our casework workflow.
  2. To view all casework requests awaiting action, navigate to the Activity Inbox. You'll see a list of casework requests submitted via your website's digital Privacy Release Form (PRF).
    1. The Activity Inbox shows new casework requests and untethered emails that can be linked with their existing cases, used to create new cases, or deleted. You and staff should monitor this page closely to ensure all items are handled.
    2. Constituents may submit casework via your office’s contact form. These are sent to the main inbox for logging in batches. Review these potential cases within the “Casework (Routing)” batch in Mailroom > Batches.
      1. Convert an individual submission into casework by using the snowman icon. It’s wise to designate one staffer to monitor these and choose whether to proceed with a case.
  3. To view, edit, and approve casework form letters, go to Casework > Form Letters.


  1. Use the instant search to check if a profile already exists in Fireside, merge duplicate records, and create households of people living at the same address.
  2. To add a new profile, click the search icon on the left and then the blue “+” button.
  3. Adding profile affiliations allows users to efficiently target constituents and build district-specific demographic lists for proactive bulk mailings. When creating audiences for bulk mail and newsletters, affiliation codes can be used to group and find those individuals.
    1. Note that affiliation codes can only be viewed, edited, or created by Account Owners under System Settings.


    1. Surveys are created by going to Website > Surveys and clicking the blue “+” button in the top-right corner. After giving your survey a name, click "Create" to start adding questions. 
    2. You can create and manage event RSVP or casework satisfaction surveys. Using the audience builder (use the Survey filter in the include section), you can review the specific individuals who responded and export that response data into a spreadsheet


  1. Navigate to General Reports to view stats and visuals on the mail that your office has received and processed.
    1. The blue question mark in the top-right corner of the screen will give a full description of the report in question.
  2. Our advanced reports provide information of a greater depth. To access the page and download the reports, click on the blue “Advanced Reports” button in the Reports menu. 
    1. You can favorite advanced reports (click the star) to save time and group your most frequently used reports together.

Fireside Guide

To learn more in-depth details about using Fireside, check out our comprehensive Fireside Guide. As a district director, we recommend you read through the Casework and Reports sections specifically, but you will find info relevant to your role throughout the Guide. The My Settings page will also have useful info for your entire casework team.


On-Demand Training Videos

Everyone needs a little help now and then. To help you out, we have on-demand videos on every component in Fireside, including the inbox, mailroom tools, casework tools, web and newsletter tools, and live events. Best of all, to be flexible with your ever-changing schedule, these videos are available to you at any point during your day!

Introduction to Fireside

Inbox Training

(for CRM Clients)

Mailroom Training

(for CRM Clients)

Casework Training

(for CRM Clients)

Newsletter Training

(for Newsletter Clients)

Website Training

(for Web Clients)

Live Events Training

(for Live Events Clients)


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