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Communications Director (Newsletter)

Communications Directors craft the Member’s press/constituent outreach strategy and messaging. This guide covers using Fireside's newsletter and hosting telephone town halls to connect with your constituents and media outlets.

Outreach Workflow:

  1. Log into Fireside at https://[MemberFirstLast] Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.
  2. Click on the Outreach button in the left navigation bar to access newsletters.


Click Outreach > Messages to access newsletters. 

    1. To create a new newsletter, click on the blue “+” button, select the template you want to use, and click on the “Create” button. 
    2. When editing, customize your message with the different components. The majority of your time will be spent adding and editing components.
    3. If you'd like to include a survey in your message, create it under Website > Surveys. Only surveys with one single/multi-select question can be embedded into newsletters.
    4. We recommend testing your newsletter before sending it to a wider audience. 
    5. Only approved newsletters can be published. When publishing your newsletter, there are two options: Send Now and Send Later. Once the message begins to send, it cannot be stopped.

To view stats on sent newsletters, click on Outreach > Statistics. You can use clicked and opened data within the audience builder to target people by opened newsletters or clicked links.


Audiences create lists that target specific groups in your emanager. Use them for targeted newsletters or bulk mailings. 

  1. After clicking on Outreach > Audiences, click on the blue “+” button to create a new audience. Audiences can be used multiple times and will add new people automatically if they meet the audience’s rules.
  2. Each audience starts at zero people matched. 
    1. To grow your audience, add rules to the “include people matching” section. To narrow your audience, add rules to the “exclude people matching” section.
    2. Use the joiner “all of” if an audience member must match each rule; this will create a more specific audience. Use “any of” if an audience member needs to match only one of the rules; this will create a broader collection of constituents.

Live Events

  1. Fireside also works with offices to host live events, which include telephone town halls, robocalls, and other Broadnet services. Send us a message to to inquire about pricing or set up a new event. 
  2. To join and manage a live telephone town hall event, click on Outreach > Live Events > “Join Event” button. This is only for previously scheduled events.

Fireside Guide

To learn more in-depth details about using Fireside, check out our comprehensive Fireside Guide. Here is a direct link to the Outreach section so you can read further on any of the above areas.


On-Demand Training Videos

Everyone needs a little help now and then. To help you out, we have on-demand videos on every component in Fireside, including the inbox, mailroom tools, casework tools, web and newsletter tools, and live events. Best of all, to be flexible with your ever-changing schedule, these videos are available to you at any point during your day!

Introduction to Fireside

Inbox Training

(for CRM Clients)

Mailroom Training

(for CRM Clients)

Casework Training

(for CRM Clients)

Newsletter Training

(for Newsletter Clients)

Website Training

(for Web Clients)

Live Events Training

(for Live Events Clients)


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