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Committee on The Judiciary


As a committee that is in the press often, the office wanted to prioritize ease of use and the ability for citizens and the media to access documents and press releases. This client also strikes a more serious tone than many other Member and Committee websites due to the nature of their work. Finally, they wanted to emphasize the ability to watch hearings in real-time by placing button is at the top. 


The Goals

  • To create a unique and modern website that matches the layout of the current Judiciary website exactly
  • Having a CSS responsive design
  • To have a website that emphasizes the constitutional duty of congress
  • Prioritizing the importance of hearings, markups, and investigations

The Process

  • The client had a clear vision for how she wanted their new website to look. We were given the runway to go in any direction as far as the design goes, but when it came to the structure, it had to be precisely the same as their old website. 
  • Fireside and the client worked together to decide which images to highlight on the homepage, how to best display hearings, markups, and investigations. Additionally, we worked with the client on creating an easy to identify and use the “Watch Live” button.

The Result

  • They emphasized law and order through the design with images of the Capitol building, Lady Justice, and the Great Seal of the United States
  • We created a Watch Live button on the homepage so that constituents can watch live Judiciary Committee hearings easily
  • The structure of the website is the same, per their request, while also having a bold design refresh with striking colors and new features such as a scrolling “Latest News” carousel under the homepage banner.