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Democratic Agriculture Committee


All House committees have a broad range of issues and subcommittee work to handle and feature, and this can often lead to busy sites that aren’t user-friendly. The House Agriculture Committee’s website features only the most critical messages on their homepage. Because of this, it leads visitors to the most vital information on that page.


The Goals

  • “To create a modern, mobile-friendly site that allows the Agriculture Committee to reach the variety of constituencies we serve effectively.”
  • To be visually engaging without overstimulation.
  • Highlight the work of the Committee to improve the lives of hardworking Americans in the field of agriculture. Their old site had too many moving parts that made it difficult to find info on the Committee’s work.

The Process

  • We asked the Committee to think about what’s critical to them and use that to guide the select items shown on the homepage. 
  • The Committee worked with Fireside designers to create a looping video that showcases agriculture’s many faces. The video shows many sides to American agriculture while at the same time being short to prevent long load times.
  • The Committee’s points-of-contact were timely and communicative in responses, which helped Fireside stay on schedule and deliver on the Committee’s needs. 

The Result

  • The site has a modern feel without many moving parts. 
  • Not only does the homepage contain only the most critical info, but the navigation menu also does not overwhelm visitors. The available pages are clear and concise, and there’s not an overabundance of options. 
  • The site stays on-brand with the Committee’s separately designed logo and mission statement.