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Weäó»ve doubled our performance so you can double yours!

by Laiken Jacobs, on March 01, 2012

Speed goes hand-in-hand with ease of use. —We work very hard to design user interfaces that require less clicks, page loads and that render fast. —With that in mind, we have two announcements about speed in your CRM.

The first improvement is with our import tool, which now processes your lists twice as fast. You might be importing email addresses or a specialty address list with an affiliation code for an email newsletter or other targeted mailing. —Now, you'll see those imports finish much faster.

The second update is to our printer performance ”ñ many of our clients are really gearing up their outreach and we wanted to be sure your printer is not holding you back. —We've upgraded many of our client's printers drivers and introduced multi-threading to all print jobs. —That means more letters are sent to your printers in a shorter amount of time.

Just a couple of the latest examples of how we are always trying to improve our system to keep our clients happy!

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