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Three New Updates with Double the Speed!

by Laiken Jacobs, on March 06, 2012

We love client feedback and are always striving to improve our services.

With that in mind, we’ve got three new updates to share with you!

Quick Access to Affiliations

When looking at a constituent’s summary page, you will now see an Affiliations box located in the sidebar. This update makes it easy for you to quickly see what affiliations are associated with a person. In the example to the right, we can see that this constituent is both a business owner and a veteran.

Process Your Email Inbox Faster

We have added a new setting to the “Write Your Representative” page. —Now you can choose to log comments automatically when your constituent says they don't want a response by selecting the “No, I just want you to know my thoughts.” option.— This means that your office can now decide whether or not you want to sort through these, saving you time if you don't want to re-tag them. These comments will still be reflected on your Top Issue report.

Customize Responses Faster Using Form Letters

Notice the ”Öview’ link next to the form letter’s count ”ñ clicking this will now direct you to an advanced search where you can view all open correspondence with that form. This integration makes it easier for staffers to keep track of constituent correspondence that will receive a form response and customize each form letter based on the tone of incoming constituent mail.

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