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The Interns are Coming

by Nick Consler, on May 17, 2019

Memorial Day weekend—a time for grilling, watching baseball, and more importantly, preparing for summer interns. When the new crew of eager beavers barges through the doors of the House office buildings, how will you prepare them for their time in Fireside?

We’ve put together some resources to help you and your newbies during this frenetic time:

For the intern coordinator:

For the interns:

Another useful way to prepare for your interns is to create a system that enables them to help log the mail. The best way to do this is to write form letters for your outstanding batches and use our “batch/form letter on the fly tool” to create a unified naming mechanism. For example:


This will help interns identify the name of the letter, the batch in which they should place the letter, and the issues they should tag. When you list all three in the name of each batch and form letter, it streamlines the task of logging mail and phone calls, so everyone can assist.

As a reminder, we highly recommend all interns take Fireside’s on-demand training or live training for the intro, inbox, and mailroom. We’ll take care of this training, giving you time to teach your new recruits how to find the flag office!

As always, should you have any questions or need any help, please contact us via chat or at