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The Frenzied Four

by Nick Consler, on March 29, 2016

You Vote, We Code - Fireside21's 2nd Annual Feature Frenzy is here and now you get to help us innovate!

Voting has ended for the 2nd Annual Fireside21 Feature Frenzy! After five days and nearly 1,500 votes from Fireside clients, four winning customer features have emerged as the cream of the crop. Thank you to everyone for voting!   

Now that you have determined which features you want, the Fireside21 innovation can begin! Over the next few months, our team will begin a comprehensive development process to create the final four features. First, they will investigate the winners to determine how users would expect the features to work. After determining the scope, our team will prototype the features and, eventually, test the functionality within the emanager. Once the features have been built and successfully tested, it will be time to deploy the features to everyone.

That's the beauty of Feature Frenzy: you vote, we code.

In addition to these winning features, our developers have crafted a robust product roadmap based on our own goals and ideas, as well as previous customer feedback. You are definitely going to see more than the Feature Frenzy Final Four winners over the next 12 months. For now, let’s take a closer look at which features were your favorites!


You Vote, We Code - Here are the Casework Feature voting results!

If there’s one thing that we learned from the Casework feature voting, it’s that there’s a ton of interest in enhancing the attachment experience. Uploading multiple attachments to a case at once and being able to better manage files once uploaded were quite popular with voters all week. Each of the attachment features turns in the lead with another popular feature (additional Casework Merge Fields) also in the mix. In the end, Fireside users pushed File Management to the lead for good and provided us with the first winning feature of 2016!

Mail Room

You Vote, We Code - Here are the Mail Room Feature voting results!

Batch Administration was the clear winner among Mail Room features, taking a lead on the first day of voting and never dropping. That didn't mean there wasn't any competition. By Thursday, Mass Correspondence Logging had chipped away at the lead enough to come within a few percentage points. A strong final day of voting, coupled with surprising surges from Create "Meeting" Logging Type and the Sent/Printed Today Report, cleared the way for Account Owners to mass re-assign and delete Batches in the next year.


You Vote, We Code - Here are the Outreach Feature voting results!

While Merge Fields took home a set of steak knives in the Casework category, Newsletter Merge Field emerged victorious in the battle of Outreach features. Much like with the Mail Room, Merge Fields took a commanding lead on Monday and maintained that status the rest of the week. Also like the Mail Room there were a few great features fighting for second place. Newsletter 499 Limits was a tough competitor early, trading blows with Website Analytics for the first two days. However, following a great Friday vote, the Opt-In Report was able to leap from behind the pack and secure a runner-up finish.


You Vote, We Code - Here are the People Feature voting results!

The competition in the People category was a fierce two-feature race. Bulk Mail Statistics (a favorite of staff members in DC) and Instant Search Notifications (the feature of choice for those in the districts) proved to be formidable opponents. In the end, being provided with additional key information in person search results (like VIP, Do Not Mail, Threatened Office, etc) was able to build a more diverse coalition and win the race. Coming in third, we had a new Householding Report - a way to identify and create new households before you run a bulk mailing.

Thank you, again, for making the 2nd Annual Feature Frenzy a success. Have a suggestion for one of our products? Give us a call, hop into chat or send us an email. Maybe it will be in the next Frenzy!