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The Fast and the Frenzious

by Nick Consler, on April 03, 2017

You Vote, We Code - Fireside21's 3rd Annual Feature Frenzy is here and now you get to help us innovate!

The 3rd Annual Fireside Feature Frenzy has wrapped! After a week and more than 1,500 votes from Fireside clients, the final four features have been set. Thank you to everyone for voting and for all of your winning suggestions throughout the year!

Now that you have determined which features you want, the Fireside21 innovation can begin! Over the next few months, our team will begin a comprehensive development process to create the final four features. First, they will investigate the winners to determine how users would expect the features to work. After determining the scope, our team will prototype the features and, eventually, test the functionality within the emanager. Once the features have been built and successfully tested, it will be time to deploy the features to everyone.

That's the beauty of Feature Frenzy: you vote, we code.

In addition to these winning features, our developers have crafted a robust product roadmap based on our own goals and ideas, as well as previous customer feedback. You are definitely going to see more than the Feature Frenzy Final Four winners over the next 12 months.

If you want to read more about 2016 Frenzy winners and sign up to test drive our new Newsletter Merge Fields feature, check out our blog. For now, let’s take a closer look at which features were your favorites!


You Vote, We Code - Here are the Casework Feature voting results!

In the early voting, the Casework category had a close race. There was equal support for four features in the field, including enhancing case reminders and adding extra case status options. Over the course of the week, one feature began to separate from the pack: creating flexible tools for managing field representative and other constituent projects. Despite a valiant comeback Friday for Open Cases by Agency reporting, the victory went to Project Management to be the first winning feature for 2017!


You Vote, We Code - Here are the Mailroom Feature voting results!

If we've learned anything with the Mailroom category the last two years, it's that there are a lot of creative and popular ideas for making Batches even better. From the start, enhancing the batching experience and re-opening No Response mail took early and commanding leads. Despite a steady improvement over the five days from the New Mail Alert fans, it wasn't enough to crack into the top two. In the end, Batch Enhancements built a large lead and would not be defeated.


You Vote, We Code - Here are the Outreach Feature voting results!

The battle in the Outreach category was also a fierce two-feature race. Finishing in third and fourth place last time around, 2017 yielded better results for both features. Taking turns in the lead, each of the features (Analytics Dashboard and Newsletter 499 Limits) would leapfrog each other over the week. Two other popular features (News Document Tagging and News & Newsletter Search) were in a similarly epic battle for third place. By the time voting wrapped up on Friday, Analytics Dashboard was able to pull off the win at the buzzer!


You Vote, We Code - Here are the People Feature voting results!

The People category had the underdog story of Frenzy. It wasn't an upset like #15 Florida Gulf Coast upsetting #2 Georgetown in first round of 2013; it was an upset like #8 Villanova beating #1 Georgetown in the 1985 Championship (Fireside21 CEO Ken Ward would have preferred non-Georgetown upset examples in this space). Bulk Mail Statistics came into the this Frenzy as the People feature to beat, having been the category runner-up in 2016. However, it faced serious competition from Person Search, Email Confirmation, Letter & Phone Call Hover and Quick Log Enhancements. In the end, expanding the functionality of the Quick Log beat the heavily favored Bulk Mail Statistics feature.

Thank you, again, for making the 3rd Annual Feature Frenzy a success! Have a suggestion for one of our products? Give us a call, hop into chat or send us an email. Maybe it will be in the 2018 Frenzy!