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Redistricting: Reaching Out to Constituents

by Allie Fabiani, on November 30, 2012

Redistricting is breaking up districts into three or four new districts - making it very chaotic. In the past few months we’ve been working on a way to make transferring cases from district to district simpler. Everyone has to figure out the best way to share their casework with their constituents’ new Representative.

Whether you are giving all your casework to the new Representative(s) or keeping it for your records, Fireside has many ways to stay organized and to get your tasks done efficiently.

Keeping Track of Everything in Fireside CRM

To begin, we recommend scanning and uploading all paperwork into each constituent’s Casework in Fireside. This way if any papers get lost, we will know they are secure electronically.

Creating an Audience to Organize Constituents

Fireside has created an easy way to organize constituents with casework into a single spreadsheet - with Audiences. Audiences are the simplest way to gather redistricted constituents’ information. Create an Audience with the following permissions:

  • Include constituents with open (or closed) casework after (or before) a certain date
  • Include constituents within certain counties or zip codes

Once you have set the correct permissions, you can export the Audience to an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will include the constituents’ basic contact information and any additional information you wish to include.

Using Bulk Mailings to Reach Out to Constituents

Once you have your Audience created, you will want to reach out to constituents informing them of their new Representative and district. To do so, you want to create a Bulk Mailing, so you can:

  • Reach out to hundreds of redistricted constituents at once
  • Write one letter informing constituents of the changes

Flagging Constituents Moving Out of District

Starting in January, we will reset the district assignments in Fireside CRM. This means that constituents who are being redistricted to a new district will be flagged as “Out of District.” Their data, including Casework, correspondences and contact information, will remain in Fireside.

With all our helpful tools in Fireside CRM, you should have no problem keeping track of redistricted constituents. The new Audience user field gives you a full list of constituents with casework, you can reach out to them with a Bulk Mailing and Fireside will flag them as out of district in January.

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