October Surprise: You Voted, We Coded

In March we introduced the Fireside Feature Frenzy, an opportunity for Fireside users to vote for many of the feature ideas and suggestions we had gathered from customers during the previous year. After two rounds and more than 1,500 votes, we had a Final Four - so we decided to do all four features!

So far we’ve completed and deployed the first two features you voted for:

Mailroom - Batch Creation On the Fly
Now, if you type in a batch name that doesn’t exist, you get a friendly indicator that you are creating a new batch. Other enhancements to the Batches page include seeing how many batches match your search, how many items are in that batch and sorting the results by the number of items in the batch.

Casework - Editable subject lines and email CCs
Caseworkers can now customize email subject lines and cc themselves, constituents, family members, or agencies on email correspondence.

and now...

Coming Soon - Audience Game Changers

Fireside Frenzy voters wanted to build audiences around eNews statistics and Casework. Our developers heard you, but wondered “Why stop there?” After a little coffee and a lot of work, audiences will be getting a slew of new features that will enhance your constituent communications!

Fireside users will now be able to build audiences around:

  • Casework-specific criteria (agency, case status, case outcome, creation date)
  • eNewsletter statistics (opened, clicked, didn’t open, didn’t click for specific
    newsletters or opened any, clicked any, didn’t open any, didn’t click any
    messages in a particular time frame)
  • TeleTownHall participation (on call, time on call, queued, talked on call)

But we didn’t stop with audience criteria -- you will also be able to:

  • Apply Affiliations to Audiences - Tag all members of an audience with an
    affiliation code at once. No need to re-import!
  • Clone Audiences - Copy an existing audience. This can be used in many
    ways, including to modify or easily recreate a frequently used Audience.
  • Combine and Exclude Audiences - Build a new audience by combining
    two existing audiences, or even exclude an entire audience from your results.

These enhancements to the Audience Builder are currently in the testing phase and will soon be deployed system-wide!

With the Frenzy items completed, there are more features in the development queue we are excited to finish!

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