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New Features: A Year in Frenzy

by Nick Consler, on March 25, 2017

Fireside21 users vote on their favorite customer-suggested features in the annual Fireside Feature Frenzy!

One year ago, Fireside21 held the 2nd Annual Feature Frenzy - an opportunity for Fireside users to vote for which customer-suggested feature ideas we should produce over the next year. With the 2017 Frenzy beginning this Monday, we are excited to reveal the four winning features that will soon be deployed to your accounts.

That’s the best part about the Frenzy: you ask for it, then we build it!

After voting ended last March, our developers began the innovation process: they investigated the expectations of Fireside users, prototyped the functionality, and tested for quality control to ensure a smooth performance!

Read about the features below and stay tuned for more information about the releases. And don’t forget to vote next week in the 2017 Feature Frenzy!

Mailroom: Batch Administration

Champion of the Mailroom division, Fireside21 customers wanted to more administrative functionality for managing Batches. Specifically, the the two most frequent requests were for reassigning as well as deleting multiple Batches at the same time.

There are two changes you’ll notice on the Fireside CRM Batches page as a result of this Frenzy winner:

  • Checkboxes on the left side, allowing you to select multiple Batches
  • Actions button at the top of the page, where you can Modify or Delete Selected

As a bonus, our technology team included another feature that was voted on during the Frenzy in this rollout: you can now sort Batches by the oldest piece of mail in each Batch.

Casework: File Management

If there’s one thing that we learned from the Casework feature voting last year, it’s that there’s a ton of interest in enhancing the utility of files. While managing files was the winning feature, uploading multiple attachments at once was the third place finisher. Since they were similar and equally popular, we decided to do both!

Previously you could only upload a single attachment at a time, and it would take several clicks each time to find the files and manually upload them. That experience has been improved.

Drag and Drop Multiple Casework Attachments!.

Now, when you add an attachment, you will be greeted with a new popup window like what is pictured above. You will be able to click and manually attach as before, except now you will be able to select multiple files at once. But if you would rather skip the step of clicking around to locate files, you can now drag files from your desktop and drop them in the popup to upload.

As for the management portion, once those files have been uploaded to a case you will now be able to attach them to any outgoing email.

People: Instant Search Notification

After a fierce competition additional information included on the the Instant Search results page proved to be the favorite.

Find more information in your Fireside CRM Instant Search results!

When you use the Instant Search, you will now also find notifications for if people have been identified as: deceased, VIP, elected official, frequent writer, do not mail, or Person of Interest (someone who has made a threat in the past). It will also now alert you if the constituent has an invalid email address.

Outreach: Newsletter Merge Fields

Emerging victorious in the battle of Outreach features, voters wanted to have the ability to personalize email newsletters.
Merge Fields that will be available include: Date, Salutation, Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Address, and Prefix. Salutation will likely be the most commonly used (the Salutation merge field will insert “Friend” if the other name fields are missing data).

Want a sneak preview? Come test it with us!
Given the surge we have seen on the newsletter front – Fireside users have been averaging nearly 1 million newsletter sends each Friday since the inauguration – we would like to do additional testing before deploying the masses. If you would like to take the new Newsletter feature for a test drive ahead of it’s release, sign up using the form below.