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New Feature: Easy Audience Editor

by Scott Sadlo, on February 23, 2011

Effective communication requires the ability to accurately identify the concerns and interests of your constituents. At Fireside21 we help you organize your constituents around the concerns, interests and other attributes they have in common with a feature we call Audiences. Audiences are like groups whose membership is fixed, not to specific constituents, but to their common attributes and concerns. As your constituents grow in number and as their attributes and concerns change, the Audiences you’ve created grow and change with them. You can then effectively communicate with your constituents by tailoring your message for specific Audiences.

Easy Audience Editor

While Audiences have been an important part of our offering for a long time, we have recently made improvements to the way in which you create and edit them. With our new Easy Audience Editor we borrowed on the familiar concept of building e-mail filters and rules to give you an interface that is easier to use, has a more compact visual footprint, and provides better on-screen guidance.

From the perspective of the Easy Audience Editor, an Audience is broken down into two main blocks of fields: Inclusion Fields and Exclusion Fields. User fields which are in the Inclusion block (block 1) will cause a user that matches those fields to be included in the Audience. User fields which are in the Exclusion block (block 2) will cause a user that matches those fields to be excluded from the Audience.

Because Audiences are such an important part of how you get your message out, we’ll continue to make improvements to how they work and how you work with them. —Take a look at our Support pages to learn how the Easy Audience Editor works.

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