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New Audience & Web Forms Features

by Allie Fabiani, on March 11, 2012


The time has finally come: you no longer have to scroll through pages and pages of audiences to find the one you are looking for.— Fireside21 has come up with 3 new features that allow our clients to find audiences easier and faster!

  1. There is now a “search audiences by name” option in the audiences tab.
  2. We have always sorted audiences in alphabetical order, now you have the option of sorting by date criteria was last modified. —When you go to the audience tab, it will be sorted by criteria modified and you will have the option of changing it to sort alphabetically.
  3. There is a “Recently Viewed” box that shows the last 5 audiences you looked at since you’ve logged into your account.

We have also created a feature within the audience editor.— When you are making edits to your audiences, you are able to see the effect of unsaved changes on the size of that audience. This means that after each new edit, you don’t have to save and go back to the Audience Administration to see how it affected your audience count.

Web Forms

After a survey is deployed and completed, it is common to build an audience to target outreach based on responses. For this to happen you have to know what fields were used in the survey so you can get the correct responses.— But how could you remember the names of all those fields? For quick reference, the field names are now listed on the right side of each question in your web form editor.

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