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Here, There, and Everywhere

by Nick Consler, on September 21, 2016

As long as you connect to the internet, Fireside21 is always at your fingertips.

Working in a Congressional office means always being on the go. Fireside21 understands the demands on your time and makes its services available for you anywhere you need them - even while you're away from your desk or outside the office!

Whether you’re working from home on your personal laptop or at a district event with the Member and a mobile device, Fireside21’s software can be accessed anywhere! There is no need to take up space on your device by downloading or installing a special Fireside app; as long as you can connect to the Internet, Fireside is always at your fingertips.

There are two simple steps to get up and running remotely:

Connect your device to the House Network

Fireside21 is web-based and securely located behind the House Network. Like any other constituent data product protected by the House, the first step to accessing our software will be to connect remotely with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If your device has not been properly configured yet, the CAO can help you with this or you can follow this tutorial to setup VPN access yourself. Once that is ready, just use your SecurID to connect - that’s all you need!

Navigate to and login to your Fireside software

Once you’re connected to the House VPN, all you have to do is open a browser of your choice and navigate to your Fireside account (to make this process even easier, you can bookmark the page). Sign into your account with your regular username and password, and you are ready to go!

Questions? Hop into chat or give us a call - we’re more than happy to help!

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