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Fireside21 Web Sites Stay Up During Financial Crisis Debate

by Ken Ward, on September 30, 2008

Over the last week, the House and Senate have experienced an enormous increase in daily traffic. While in the last 48 hours the, Write Your Rep service and many Member Web sites have gone down, I'm happy to report Fireside21 clients' Web sites and constituent comment forms have not experienced any problems.

We're happy that our clients have been able to maintain an open avenue of communication with their constituents via the Web during this important debate.

In addition to having the benefit of our infrastructure, many of our clients have wisely intercepted an influx of emails by posting a Web survey for their constituents. These same offices have instructed staff to submit the same survey on behalf of constituents who call their DC and district offices. This real-time feedback clearly had an impact on yesterday's vote.

Here's a glimpse at requests to one of our servers over the last 10 days:

For a little perspective, here is a graph of requests over the last 6 months:

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