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Fireside Tools Reduce Backlog

by Claudia Reed, on February 20, 2020

Now that 2020 is in full swing, it’s time to catch up on the mail you may have missed over the holidays. Fireside makes this typically dreaded process fast and easy with four helpful tools.

1. “READY TO SEND” Batch

The “READY TO SEND” Batch is a virtual batch that automatically collects and displays all your mail that’s ready to be sent from different batches. By default, Fireside places this at the top of the Batches page, and it includes all mail that has an approved form letter. With this handy tool, you can print or send all your mail at once rather than looking in multiple separate batches to find the mail you want to send. Your view of the “READY TO SEND” Batch includes a column that tells you which batch each mail item comes from. Use the “READY TO SEND” Batch to speed and simplify your correspondence!

Ready to send

2. Sort/Filter Batches

The Batches page offers several ways to sort and filter your mail batches. Two common ways to sort are by size and by age. Viewing mail this way can help you see which batches are most affecting your turnaround time and which batches contain the most correspondence. Just click the arrow next to the column heading COUNT or OLDEST to sort! 

Batch Sorting

3.  Automations

When you reply to a mail campaign, you always use the same form letter, batch, and tags, sometimes hundreds of times. Want a shortcut? Click the “Do This Always” button to take the same action every time, and Fireside will automatically process all new messages for the campaign the same way.

Automations made Easy

With 70% to 80% of your mail coming from campaigns, this trick will help keep your inbox organized and enable you to respond to constituents quickly and easily.  

4. Easy-to-Read Statuses for Batches and Form Letters  

The Form Letters page lets you sort or filter by status, so you know which letters need work and which ones are ready to be sent. The status bar for each batch shows how much mail already has an approved form letter and is therefore ready to send. This is an easy way to see what still needs to be worked on before it can go out.

Batch LabelingForm letters

Using these features will help you cut through your backlog and streamline the process going forward, minimizing your turnaround time for future mail.

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