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Farewell Summer Interns 2016

by Josh Billigmeier, on September 09, 2016

Summer Interns, 2016
Farewell Summer Interns 2016 (photo from our Capitol Hill field trip!)

Summertime means the Hill is a quiet place, so at Fireside21 our development team takes advantage of the lull and seizes the opportunity to crank out new features. This year we continued our tradition of hosting programming interns, and instead of one or two we kicked it up a notch by selecting 3 terrific college students from the University of Maryland. Our interns took on some challenging tasks, and we are super proud of all the work they got done and how well they did it. Here is a little more about them and their projects:

Craig Johnson, rising Senior (Left)

Craig worked at a web development company last year, and was interested in doing some more application work. We were impressed with his knowledge of web apps, hackathon adventures, and his overall charm. He coded up our first Feature Frenzy item in batches, and then upgraded a number of our interfaces to use the new AngularJS framework.

Isabella Seeman, rising Senior (Center)

Ella previously worked at the CATT lab at UMD, and impressed us with her coding abilities and focus on data, to say nothing of her adventurous and travel-hungry spirit. She spent most of her time working on our new scheduling module, focusing on the main page, reports, and Outlook integration.

Steven Bower, Sophomore at UMD (Right)

Our dark horse intern pick, we all loved Steven’s enthusiasm for technology and his blue hair. Steven worked with Ella on the scheduling module, creating widgets, timezone processing, and the edit page.

In between hacking up code, we took them to a Nats game, threw a furniture assembly party, competed in an office wide flip cup competition, participated in a baby shower, ate waffles at our Friday breakfast, held a movie night, and went on a field trip to the Hill. Thanks Craig, Ella, and Steven for all the good times and memories - you all brought a lot of fun and energy to our office over the summer, and we hope to work with you again in the future!