Build Opt-In Lists with Surveys

Use Fireside Web surveys to build your lists of constituent subscribers.

The State of the Union Address is a fantastic time to touch base with your constituents, especially going into the 2016 cycle. Engaging your district with letters or emails is great, but if you also want to increase your Newsletter Opt-Ins, there is no better way than with a Fireside survey.

Adding Subscribers
The survey can be as quick or comprehensive as you like. If your main goal is building the number of subscribers to your newsletter, try asking a single, yes/no question like “Did you like the ideas President Obama proposed in his State of the Union address?” That makes it quick and easy for constituents to voice their opinion and engage with your office.

Issue Interests
If you want to know more about your constituents’ concerns, make your survey a little more thorough. Create a multi-select question about a key idea (or each idea) presented in the speech. When you add the response options, make sure to associate the answer with one of your issue codes. Collecting this info about your constituents will allow you to microtarget communications based on their specific legislative interests.

Automatic Opt-In
When you create your survey, Fireside inserts an Opt-In field by default. If you include a disclaimer in the footer text, you can hide the field and automatically subscribe everyone that takes the survey.

Best Practices
An email address will be required for each survey submission, so the responses can be matched to a person record within Fireside. You can also collect additional information (first and last name, home address) by including those fields. For each question you add to the survey, make sure to give that field/question a specific and unique name. This will make building an audience around each survey question a breeze. Make sure to check “required” next to each question you want the constituents to answer.

Sending the Survey
Once you finish the survey, you can craft a short email to send with your survey link. This email will need to be Franked, as you will likely be sending to your ‘All Emails’ list to increase the odds of gaining new subscribers. Keeping the message and survey short and generic will let you get this done quickly, with plenty of time to get Franking approval. Once the survey is published and constituents begin responding, those new subscribers will automatically be added to any Audience including Opt-In criteria.

Analyzing Results
To get an overview of survey responses, go to the Surveys page in Fireside and click the number in the response column next to the name of your survey. This summary will provide all of the questions with the totals for each response. If you want to check out all of the submitted data, simply build an audience using any of the required unique fields and export the data to a spreadsheet.

You can find step-by-step instructions for creating a survey in our Help Center. If you have any questions about surveys, give us a call or hop into chat!

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